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Bitcoin: Recruitment Is On The Rise

New Contributors Increasing Finally some good news for Bitcoin in the subject area of recruitment. There are new names appearing as contributors for code, which is fabulous news for the industry. There has certainly been a shortage of developers over the last few years so this is clearly a welcome announcement for those working on Bitcoin. This is especially so for the few developers that have been holding up Bitcoin over recent times. What Has Happened? Although there isn’t one single reason for the sudden influx of […]

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Selfllery: The Social Platform For Visual Content Monetization

The Social Platform for Visual Content Monetization Selflerry, as the name suggests, aims to be a widely used social platform – but with a twist. By using Blockchain and smart contract technology, Selfllery aims to be a platform where users can monetize their visual content! But how will users get paid for their content, and who would want to pay them? Because of the increasing quality of smartphone cameras – the quality of the photos and videos that the average person uploads to social media could very […]

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