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Crypto Manga – Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency Awareness

The first issue of a crypto comic book series called Shonen Crypto has been released. Readers can learn about various aspects of cryptocurrencies as they follow the characters in this manga which aims to be both educational and entertaining. talked with the comic book’s Editor-in-Chief to learn more. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Manga Dedicated to Crypto Shonen Crypto will be published “every three weeks or one month,” creator “Editor-in-Chief Taro” told According to him, this is the first comic book […]

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Blockchain Games Have Got a Long Way to Go

No one said making blockchain games would be easy. But when Crypto Kitties went viral in December, briefly crippling the Ethereum blockchain in the process, it was believed to have cracked it. The $12 million in seed funding that the project secured, three months later, was seen as validation of this. But as the subsequent decline of Crypto Kitties shows, blockchain games have still got a long way to go. Also read: Paid in Bitcoin? Learn How to Survive Off a Crypto-Income Crypto Kitties Is Catatonic Rule 35 […]

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Innosilicon Released 50,000 Sol Equihash Miner!

innosilicon decides to further destroy GPU mining and released a ridiculously efficient equihash miner. Sign up with coinbase. buy or sell 100 dollars in crypto currency and get 10 dollars of bitcoin for free with this link to coinbase. Want to donate to the channel? Donate Litecoin and send me an email saying how much you sent and I’ll try to thank you at the end of the next video! Litecoin Address: LUe6Ub9UUGjFxkFbNkBA6nD4ebwRSeSsgD TRON (TRX) Ups the Ante, Raises Bug Bounty to $10 […]

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Kasey’s Crypto Journey #22 – Little Steps Toward Your Goals – By Kasey Win

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