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Crypto Markets Hold Yesterday’s Gains, Bitcoin Near $6,300 Resistance Level

Crypto markets stabilize with small gains and losses after yesterday’s notable growth, with Bitcoin holding $6,300 resistance levels. Crypto markets are seeing mixed signals today, June 1, after major growth yesterday, June 30. Leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) is holding a psychological price point around $6,300 today, the low point of yesterday’s price surge, which reached $6,450. Most of the top ten coins by market cap are in the red, but showing only slight losses over the past 24 hours, down less than 1 percent. Only three of […]

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‘Cryptocurrencies and Precious Metals Can Co-Exist,’ Explains Ron Paul

Just recently the notorious libertarian and Austrian economist, Ron Paul, released a paper that discusses the world’s issues with central economic planning. In the report, Paul goes into vast detail on how precious metals and cryptocurrencies can co-exist in order to prevent current market monopolies from “rigging the economy.” Also Read: US Authorities Seize Over $20M in Crypto in Massive Darknet Crackdown Ron Paul: “Ultimately, the Market Proves More Powerful Than Government Manipulation of Economic Events” Ron Paul is a very popular libertarian that ran for the […]

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Segregated Witness Removes One of Bitcoin’s Data Integrity Checks

The following opinion piece on Segregated Witness was written by Jonald Fyookball In 2017, Dr. Peter Rizun noted that Segregated Witness (Segwit) changes the very definition of a Bitcoin as per the whitepaper: “We define an electronic coin as a chain of digital signatures.” In this article, I would like to expand on that topic and add a key observation: breaking the chain of digital signatures is actually removing an integrity check in the Bitcoin ledger. Bitcoin is a distributed ledger system — a form of database. […]

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