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Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Launches New Upgraded 7nm Bitcoin Miner

Japanese internet giant GMO has launched a new, upgraded model of its bitcoin miner equipped with 7nm ASIC mining chips. The previous model was sold out. The new model can achieve a higher hash rate and has a “hash power optimization function.” It is for sale at the same price as the previous model. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space GMO miner B3 Launched GMO Internet Group announced Monday the launch of its new model of 7nm bitcoin mining rig, GMO miner B3. As […]

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The 51% Attacks

What Has Happened? There have been a couple of scares with the infamous 51% attacks during Bitcoin mining and these may well be on the rise which is somewhat concerning for the biggest of the Cryptocurrencies. The latest close call came from when the, AntPool and ConnectBTC mining pools collectively mined a hash rate of 42% (25.7% from, 16.1% from AntPool and 0.2% from ConnectBTC). This figure was for a 7 day period and saw the three mining pools mine 42% of all new blocks […]

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Organicco ICO – Investing In The Future Of Our Beautiful Planet For Out Children

Organicco is a Blockchain-based project that intends to come up with three major scale projects. It will produce Animal Feed and Organic Fertilizer, which will then be sold to the farmers. Apart from that, this project will also build a pilot unit that would be used to convert farm wastes into methanol and electricity, which can then be used as fuel. In the end, the user of this platform will heavily reap from the success of the venture. Token Token: ORC Token Model: ERC223 Accepted Currencies: Ethereum, […]

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