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Crypto Investing #110 – Why Your Cryptocurrency Passwords Need To Be Updated – By Tai Zen

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VC Firm Lightspeed Venture Partners to Invest $1.8 Bln in New Funds, Including Crypto

Venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners plans to invest $1.8 billion in new funds, including digital currencies. American venture capital firm Lightspeed Venture Partners has raised $1.8 billion, which it plans to invest in startups in various fields, including digital currency, Reuters reported July 10. Lightspeed told Reuters that $1.05 billion of the new funding will be allocated to invest in more mature companies. The firm is planning an expansion to Southeast Asia by contributing to companies active in fields from cryptocurrency and biotechnology to the cosmetics […]

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Ledger Live Desktop Wallet Manager Reviewed

On Monday, wallet manufacturer Ledger released its eagerly anticipated new desktop software. Ledger Live is meant to be a more reliable and user-friendly version of the Chrome app, which has come in for criticism, not least from this reviewer. To determine whether Ledger Live is an improvement on its predecessor, I put the French firm’s flagship new software to the test. Also read: Review: Ledger Nano S Put to the Test Can Ledger Live Software Live Up to the Hype? My Pizza Day Nano S Ledger has […]

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Block.One Is Getting Involved

The Big Announcement Quite unbelievably – although if you do think hard and look closely at the Cryptocurrency industry, it probably isn’t that surprising – Block.One has decided to step up its involvement with EOS again. After leaving the EOS community to fend for itself after releasing the open source code for EOS, Block.One has made the executive decision to start voting. This is a massive move especially when you consider just how many tokens it has i.e. 10% of 1 billion. However, the approach to this […]

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