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Bitcoin to Peak at $115,000 by August Next Year, Says Pantera Capital CEO

Pantera Capital chief executive officer Dan Morehead has predicted a 50% chance the price of bitcoin (BTC) will hit $115,000 by August next year. In a recent letter to investors, Morehead said: “If the new supply of bitcoin is cut in half (with the May 12 halving), all else being equal, the price should rise.” The cryptocurrency entrepreneur analyzed bitcoin’s year-to-date performance against gold, oil, and private equity financing. He forecasts that BTC will continue to gain against other asset classes, post-halving, as fiat depreciates from stimulus […]

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Bitcoin’s Halving Incentivizes Miners to Sell for Double, Decred Co-Founder Says

Decred’s co-founder thinks Bitcoin’s halving could double its price as miners look to cover the costs of their work. Decred co-founder and project lead Jake Yocom-Piatt predicts that the coming reduction in Bitcoin’s (BTC) mining payout will have miners upping prices. “Since the Bitcoin halving means that miners will receive half as many Bitcoins for the same amount of work, this doubles the unforgeable costliness of creating Bitcoin,” Yocom-Piatt told Cointelegraph in a May 1 email, adding: “Miners’ costs are effectively fixed, so to maintain the same profit margins, they are […]

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Dance, Donate, Decentralize: COVID-19 Charity Concert Goes Live

If you can’t join ‘em… there’s still beats. Summer festivals and concerts are canceled, but you can enjoy the world’s top electronic dance music acts LIVE in your own home. Lockdown shouldn’t mean pop and lock-down. That’s just one takeaway from today’s free electronic dance music concert organized by The Giving Block and Multiplied to benefit charities on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. The concert is live streamed on May 5th from 6 pm – 10 pm Eastern Time (10 pm – 2 am GMT) […]

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European Central Bank Calls for Proactive Stablecoin Regulation

The European Central Bank says global stablecoins require clear regulatory structure prior to approval. In a recent in-depth report on global stablecoins, the European Central Bank, or ECB, pushed for clear regulatory parameters for stablecoins, citing risks as well as gaps in current regulations.  “In order to reap the potential benefits of global stablecoins, a robust regulatory framework needs to be put in place in order to address these risks before such arrangements are allowed to operate,” the ECB wrote in its May 5 report.  The deep […]

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5 Reasons Why Institutional Investors Refuse to Join the Crypto Sector

Crypto investors have long believed that institutional investors would lead to the next Bitcoin moon event but this is a false narrative built on nothing more than hope. For the past two years, crypto-media outlets and Bitcoin (BTC) advocates have placed heavy emphasis on the need for institutional investors to embrace the cryptocurrency sector. The oft-stated belief was that institutional inflow would lead to mass adoption and an incredible spike in the value of crypto-assets as a whole. Fast forward to the present, and the total cryptocurrency […]

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Crypto Investment Advisory Firm Ranks Halving Scenarios

A crypto investment advisory firm ranks commonly discussed halving scenarios and proposes one of its own. On May 4, CoinShares Research put out its ranking of the likelihood of various halving scenarios as well as their potential impact on the industry. Bitcoin (BTC) halving has captivated the imagination of the crypto industry and there is no lack of outlandish predictions forecasting anything from the death spiral that will destroy the Bitcoin network, to the one predicting its parabolic rise. Earlier today, this subject was also discussed in […]

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IOTA Powers New Decentralized Social Media Project

New decentralized social media project Society2 aims to let users regain control of their data on the Internet. Personal data breaches on social media platforms are nothing new. Global giants like Facebook are known for their privacy issues. While global Internet users continue to rely on classic social media like Facebook and YouTube, industry players keep building privacy-focused alternatives based on blockchains like IOTA. Society2 is a new decentralized social media, or DeSM, project that aims to let users regain control of their data and enable IOTA […]

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Bloomberg Analyst Gives a Simple Reason Why BTC Is Better Than Gold

A Bloomberg analyst believes Bitcoin presents a more attractive supply model than gold. Mike McGlone, Bloomberg’s senior commodity strategist, in his latest Bitcoin report remains bullish on the “first-born” crypto and points to the advantage it holds over its hedging rival gold: “Unlike quasi currency brethren gold, higher prices won’t be an incentive for more supply.” Is BItcoin’s supply inelastic? McGlone alludes to the fact that in most commodity markets, greater demand leads to higher prices, which in turn leads to greater production of the commodity and […]

More info Wallet Users Can Now Purchase More Than $10K Worth of Cryptocurrency

During the end of March, reported on the newly updated Wallet that features a number of new services like digital currency price tracking. The lightning-fast, noncustodial wallet allows people to store BTC and BCH, but also provides people with the ability to purchase crypto assets. This week, Wallet users will be pleased to see that they can purchase more than $10K worth of cryptocurrency using our wallet software. Wallet users can now obtain over $10K worth of BTC or bitcoin cash (BCH) using […]

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Recap of Cointelegraph Talks: Bitcoin’s Block Reward Halving

Industry leaders from Bitfinex, Poolin mining and TradeBlock research briefed a number of timely topics, including halving effects on Bitcoin amid COVID-19 uncertainty. As part of the most recent edition of Cointelegraph Talks on May 5, Bitfinex CTO Paolo Ardoino, TradeBlock director of institutional research John Todaro, and Poolin mining pool VP Alejandro De La Torre came on today’s panel, bringing a bevy of insights on Bitcoin’s (BTC) upcoming halving, the COVID-19 pandemic and more.  The current pandemic causes uncertainty Although Bitcoin largely lies outside the mainstream financial ecosystem the […]

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