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IBM Secures Patent for ‘Self-Aware Token’ to Record Events of Offline Transactions

Tech giant IBM has been awarded a patent for the development of a “self-aware tokenâ€� designed to record events of an offline transaction. Tech giant IBM has been awarded a patent for the development of a “self-aware token” designed to record events of an offline transaction. A patent document filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office describes a system, which relates to financial data processing in an electronic currency platform, as well as to processing e-commerce tokens, which have involved offline transactions. To track and […]

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International Crypto Exchange Liquid Develops Perpetual BTC Contracts With Up to 100x Leverage

Leverage allows cryptocurrency traders unsatisfied with market volatility to make stronger plays on smaller movements. Trading platforms offer various ways to use leverage in order to capture this segment. The latest example is Liquid, an exchange that developed perpetual BTC contracts with up to 100x leverage. Also Read: Liquid Exchange Launches BCH/USDC Trading Pairs Perpetual BTC Contracts With Massive Leverage International digital assets trading platform Liquid has announced the closed beta launch of a new crypto offering with up to 100x leverage. Liquid Perpetuals is a derivatives […]

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Nimbus Receives Ethereum Foundation Grant to Work on Light 2.0 Client

Nimbus received a $650,000 grant from Ethereum Foundation to realize its vision of light Ethereum 2.0 clients running on smartphones and Raspberry Pi devices. The Ethereum Foundation awarded a $650,000 grant to Nimbus for continuing its work on light Ethereum 2.0 clients, a Jan. 28 press release announced. The project’s goal is to allow smartphones and embedded devices to run smart contract-capable nodes. Nimbus is an infrastructure project launched in March 2018 by Status. While initially conceived as a way to ensure access to the Status app […]

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UK High Court Orders Freeze on $1M of Bitcoin in Ransomware Case

A UK high court imposed a proprietary injunction on Bitcoin paid as ransom in a ransomware attack. A United Kingdom High Court ordered a proprietary injunction on Bitcoin (BTC) obtained through a ransomware attack on a Canadian insurance company. A proprietary injunction is an order which prevents a person from dealing with their own assets when it is subject of a proprietary claim. On Jan. 17, the UK High Court released documents concerning a ransomware attack, in which over 1,000 computers of the insurance company were rendered […]

More info Update: Dev Fund Proposal ‘Will Not Go Through’ Without More Agreement

The BCH infrastructure funding proposal initially announced by Jiang Zhuoer on January 22 will not go through as planned without greater agreement in the Bitcoin Cash community, has announced via a post uploaded today. Also Read: Heated Debate Continues Over Bitcoin Cash Infrastructure Funding Plan Will Not Support Plan Without Greater Agreement in BCH Ecosystem has now announced it will not be going through with the original proposal for infrastructure funding until a greater agreement can be reached among ecosystem participants. In a […]

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Draft of India’s National DLT Strategy Calls for State-Run Digital Rupee

A draft of an Indian national strategy on blockchain floats the idea of a central bank digital currency, the digital Indian rupee, and a national blockchain. A draft of India’s national strategy on blockchain and distributed ledger technology suggests a central bank digital currency (CBDC), the digital Indian rupee, and a national blockchain. The National Institute for Smart Governance (NISG), a non-profit public body incorporated by the government of India, has published a draft document on the country’s national blockchain strategy. Issued on Dec. 30, the document […]

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Hearing Concluded: Indian Supreme Court Deliberates on Crypto vs RBI Case

The Indian supreme court has finished hearing the crypto vs. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) case. The hearing concluded on Tuesday with the counsel for the Internet and Mobile Association of India wrapping up his arguments, followed by arguments by the counsel representing crypto exchanges. The court is now in deliberation. Also read: Regulatory Roundup — New US Crypto Tax Bill, Central Banks Join Forces on Digital Currencies IAMAI Concludes Arguments in Supreme Court The supreme court of India resumed hearing the crypto vs. RBI case on […]

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Woah- Crypto Bull Run?!?

😀 ð�™�ð�™�ð�™–ð�™£ð�™  ð�™”ð�™¤ð�™ª ð�™�ð�™¤ð�™§ ð�™’ð�™–ð�™©ð�™˜ð�™�ð�™žð�™£ð�™œ! 🚩 Remember to subscribe and hit the bell “🔔” icon, so you don’t miss your daily cryptocurrency news! Become A Patron! â­� On Patreon – â­� On YouTube – 👉 Need help with cryptocurrency taxes? Receive a 10% discount off all TaxBit plans using this link: -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- ð�˜žð�˜¦ ð�˜¥ð�˜° ð�˜°ð�˜¶ð�˜³ ð�˜£ð�˜¦ð�˜´ð�˜µ ð�˜µð�˜° ð�˜®ð�˜ªð�˜¯ð�˜ªð�˜®ð�˜ªð�˜»ð�˜¦ ð�˜¢ð�˜¥ð�˜´, ð�˜¢ð�˜¯ð�˜¥ ð�˜¦ð�˜­ð�˜ªð�˜®ð�˜ªð�˜¯ð�˜¢ð�˜µð�˜¦ ð�˜´ð�˜±ð�˜°ð�˜¯ð�˜´ð�˜°ð�˜³ð�˜´ð�˜©ð�˜ªð�˜±ð�˜´ ð�˜°ð�˜¯ ð�˜µð�˜©ð�˜ªð�˜´ ð�˜¤ð�˜©ð�˜¢ð�˜¯ð�˜¯ð�˜¦ð�˜­, ð�˜´ð�˜° ð�˜µð�˜©ð�˜¢ð�˜µ ð�˜ºð�˜°ð�˜¶ ð�˜¤ð�˜¢ð�˜¯ ð�˜³ð�˜¦ð�˜­ð�˜º ð�˜°ð�˜¯ ð�˜µð�˜©ð�˜¦ ð�˜ªð�˜¯ð�˜§ð�˜°ð�˜³ð�˜®ð�˜¢ð�˜µð�˜ªð�˜°ð�˜¯ ð�˜ºð�˜°ð�˜¶ ð�˜¨ð�˜¦ð�˜µ ð�˜©ð�˜¦ð�˜³ð�˜¦. ð�˜�ð�˜§ ð�˜ºð�˜°ð�˜¶’ð�˜¥ ð�˜­ð�˜ªð�˜¬ð�˜¦ ð�˜µð�˜° ð�˜´ð�˜¶ð�˜±ð�˜±ð�˜°ð�˜³ð�˜µ ð�˜µð�˜©ð�˜ªð�˜´ ð�˜¦ð�˜¯ð�˜¥ð�˜¦ð�˜¢ð�˜·ð�˜°ð�˜³: â­� […]

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Oil Giant Saudi Aramco Buys Into Blockchain Trading Platform Vakt

Saudi Aramco has joined the already sizeable list of oil companies partnered with Vakt, the provider of a blockchain-based trading settlement platform for North Sea oil. Saudi Arabia’s state oil company, Saudi Aramco, has bought into the blockchain-based oil trading company Vakt, Reuters reports on Jan. 28. Saudi Aramco’s Energy Ventures branch has bought $5 million in new shares, according to Vakt’s press release. The investment will be used to develop the platform, with a focus on expansion into the Asian market. In addition to investment, the […]

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BTC Price Back at $9,000 But No, Coronavirus Isn’t ‘Good for Bitcoin’

Any short-term gains to Bitcoin indirectly helped by the virus will reverse in time, a prominent trader warns, as the cryptocurrency hovers at $9,000. Bitcoin (BTC) may be gaining thanks to “economic fear” over coronavirus — but only up to a point, analysts are concluding as the disease spreads.  The cryptocurrency hovered at around $9,000 on Tuesday, capping 4% gains for the week in which coronavirus sent China into partial lockdown.  Coronavirus uncertainty creeps into markets Fears are now surfacing about the impact on Chinese economic growth, […]

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