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Analyst Claims Bitcoin Will Break $40K Threshold, S2F Audit Shows BTC Could Tackle $85K by Year’s End

Bitcoin prices have been range-bound and consolidating for quite some time but jumped over 9% in the last 24 hours after Elon Musk’s tweet on Sunday. A number of crypto analysts are still unsure about bitcoin’s future price while a few expect a rebound from last month’s lows. One market report notes that bitcoin will likely climb back up “the stock to flow line in the coming months” leading to a price of around $85K before the year’s end. Financial Analyst: Bitcoin Will Likely Cross the Psychological […]

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With Bitcoin 2021’s Iconic Graffiti Wall, Muralist Greg Mike Captured The Community

Renowned muralist Greg Mike discussed the inspiration for his iconic graffiti wall at the Bitcoin 2021 event. If you were one of the thousands of Bitcoiners in attendance at Bitcoin 2021 in Miami, it was hard to miss the giant graffiti mural onsite, featuring a mix of well-known and newly-inspired cartoonish characters adorned with Bitcoin iconography. Over the course of four days, the mural was painted by American street artist Greg Mike and his Atlanta-based team, which has been creating ambitious blends of classic American cartoons, Mike’s […]

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Bitcoin sell pressure may hit zero in July thanks to Grayscale’s giant 16K BTC unlocking

The biggest single unlocking day will flush sellers from the market in July, opening up both volatility and bullish potential. Institutional Bitcoin (BTC) investors are in the spotlight as an upcoming major cashout date sparks talk of fresh price volatility. As noted by popular Twitter commentator Loomdart and others this week, attention is focusing on buyers and sellers of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) as Bitcoin hovers near $40,000. July means BTC price volatility A giant in the institutional Bitcoin space, GBTC has over $24 billion in […]

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China debuts blockchain-based digital yuan salary payments in Xiong’an

China reportedly implemented the country’s first blockchain-powered digital yuan transactions in the Xiong’an New Area. China is progressing with its central bank digital currency (CBDC) tests, debuting blockchain-enabled salary payments in the digital yuan. According to the official website of the Xiong’an New Area, the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has successfully completed the nation’s first on-chain wage payouts in the digital yuan. Announcing the news on Saturday, Xiong’an authorities said that the pilot involved guidance and support from the Shijiazhuang-based PBoC branch, the Bank of China […]

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Bull trap fears engulf Bitcoin market as BTC paints CME gap below $40K

Spot Bitcoin prices rallied toward $40,000 over the weekend but hinted at bullish exhaustion as CME Bitcoin futures opened Monday with a $1,500-plus gap. A run-up toward $40,000 in the Bitcoin (BTC) market risked exhaustion as Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s futures opened on Monday with a gap of $1,575, the first since May 17. In retrospect, the downside risks heightened due to Bitcoin’s recent bearish pullbacks near the $40,000 level. Atop that, the said CME gap formed between Friday’s close of $37,325 and Monday’s open of $38,900, raising […]

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Korean banks will need to classify crypto exchange clients as ‘high risk’

A further tightening of cryptocurrency regulation in South Korea is underway, with new rules for banks and crypto exchange operators. New rules announced by South Korea’s Financial Services Commission, or FSC, are expected to affect around 60 unauthorized cryptocurrency exchanges in the country and a new policy for banks will require that they classify any crypto exchange clients as “high risk.” According to the Korea Times, the new guidelines were announced on Sunday and are intended to ensure that crypto exchanges strengthen their monitoring of transactions and […]

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Experts: Regulatory Uncertainty and Slow Embrace Hampering Crypto Growth in Kenya

Regulatory uncertainty and the slow embrace of cryptocurrencies continue to be key impediments to the growth of Kenya’s digital currency market, experts say. They also assert that without speedy regulation, which they believe will hasten the adoption of digital currencies, Kenya’s sector will remain open to fraud. Kenya’s Embrace of Crypto Slow, Exchange Reps Point to Need for Legislation George Mwakisha, the business development manager at Binance Kenya, says the country can reap the full benefits of digital currencies if it moves to pass the relevant legislation, […]

More info free to focus on $10B crypto business after lawsuit settlements

With legal troubles seemingly behind the company, could set its sights on finally making a significant dent in the crypto and blockchain space. EOSIO developer says it is focusing on its crypto business mandate after recently settling a class action lawsuit. In a blog post published on Friday, the blockchain software firm announced a settlement agreement with a group of investors led by the Crypto Assets Opportunity Fund related to the 2018 EOS initial coin offering. If approved by the court, will settle for […]

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TIME Tokens and TimeWarp Staking Launch on Binance Smart Chain

PRESS RELEASE. The new initiative extends the Ethereum-based TimeWarp staking programme, which currently offers a yield of 224% APY. TimeWarp, a new DeFi farming opportunity backed by multiple real-world revenue streams, has just launched on Binance Smart Chain after a successful earlier launch on Ethereum. The initiative enables holders to stake TIME, the native token of an ecosystem of blockchain-based products and services developed by Australian blockchain company The TIME token has now been launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), with a growing number of’s […]

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A Look at How Second Life’s Linden Dollars Helped Kickstart Bitcoin’s Value

When people think about bitcoin’s past they sometimes refer to subjects like Mt Gox, the Silk Road, or the famous pizza transaction. Although, people often forget that the online virtual world Second Life played an important role during the Bitcoin network’s early years. In fact, some large Linden dollar (L$) holders who swapped their virtual tokens for bitcoin may be crypto millionaires today. Trading Virtual Linden Dollars for Bitcoin in the Early Days Today almost everyone knows what bitcoin is, as the crypto asset has gained a […]

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