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Crypto April Fool’s Roundup 2019 | Ethereum 2.0 Testnet Launch | More Daily Crypto Content!

TIMESTAMPS, (Thanks to Michael!): Introduction (00:54) 01:51 Omar’s ICO 02:43 Quote of the Day! 03:07 Market Overview Main News 05:06 Amazon Sells Cryptocurrencies 07:01 Free $50 of XLM ( ) 10:18 Bitcoin Soft Fork: Minimum of $50k USD/BTC for Transactions 12:39 SEC Approves Bitcoin ETFs 14:44 Coinbase International 18:03 Invisible Ink Paper Wallet 21:42 Public Ethereum 2.0 Testnet 26:24 Comment Section 28:13 Gatecoin Begins Liquidation Process 30:49 TokenSoft Rebrands to TolkienSoft 34:16 Dream Market to Shut Down in Late April 38:51 Dogecoin Education Network Conclusion (41:10) […]

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Coinbase Expands Into Cross-Border Payments

Coinbase customers can now transfer funds to any user with a Coinbase account around the world. American major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has expanded into cross-border payments. Coinbase revealed the development in an announcement on March 28. Coinbase customers can now transfer funds to any user with a Coinbase account around the world using Ripple (XRP) and the exchange’s stablecoin USDCoin (USDC) with no fee. The development reportedly enables users to send and receive money instantly, as well as convert them into local currency. March saw several new […]

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How Crypto Is Taxed in the US: A Taxpayer’s Dilemma

What are the United States tax reporting obligations for those who held, donated or sold/exchanged crypto. Last year was a bear market for cryptocurrencies. Many investors who did not know how to hedge their cryptocurrency investments saw these investments lose value from the market highs of 2017. Facing the deadline to report their taxes by April 15, 2019, United States individual taxpayers may wonder what their United States tax reporting obligations are if they held, donated or sold/exchanged their cryptocurrencies at a loss during 2018. A taxpayer’s […]

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