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China: Blockchain Is the Future But Keep it Rational — Avoid ‘Aircoins’

China’s official state-owned media has endorsed “orderly” blockchain innovation but cautioned the public to “keep it rational” and avoid the hype around “aircoins.” China’s official state-owned media has endorsed “orderly” blockchain innovation but cautioned the public to “keep it rational” and avoid the hype around “aircoins.”  On Oct. 4, Dovey Wan — founding partner of blockchain-based investment company Primitive Ventures — tweeted two screenshots showing a rough translation of the new report from the CPC-owned English-language news portal China Daily. China needs “inclusive and prudent” regulation The […]

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Bitcoin Price Diary: How Everything Went 100% Right With My $7.3K Long

Everyone was short and Bitcoin was “going to $6,000.” So how did veteran trader Scott Melker catch a 40% move up? The sixth installment of my trade journal features one of my best Bitcoin (BTC) swing trades ever, catching much of the 40% move that caught many traders off guard.  This was a straightforward trade for me, filling bids in an area that I was expecting to be near the potential bottom. The entire trade is immortalized in a twitter thread. After closing this trade, I opened […]

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Cryptosteel Capsule Will Keep Your Wallet Seed Safe and Out of Sight

A hollow steel cylinder despatched with 800 lettered tiles, the Cryptosteel Capsule is what it sounds like and nothing more. Assemble the letters to form your wallet’s seed phrase, thread them onto the metal dipstick and screw the capsule shut, safely entombing the key to your crown jewels inside an unassuming piece of hardware. Stash it in a toolbox alongside some masonry and no one would be the wiser. Also read: Billion Dollar Bitcoin Lawsuit Continues as Craig Wright Breaks Settlement The Re-Gadgetification of Things 80s kids […]

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Bahrain to Provide Fast-Track Setup Program for Fintech Startups

Bahrain has introduced a fast-track process for fintech startups looking to do business in the country. The Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) has introduced a new program to attract more startups to the country. According to a press release on Oct. 29, the investment promotion agency for the Kingdom of Bahrain has introduced a fast-track setup program for startups looking to do business there. The new initiative will provide an expedited entry process covering visa requirements, residency and business registration processes. It also offers guidance from the […]

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OSC Commissioner Debunks Arguments Against Bitcoin, Green-Lights Bitcoin Fund

A commissioner of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has debunked the arguments against bitcoin used to deny the public offering of The Bitcoin Fund. Among others, the commissioner rules that bitcoin is neither illiquid nor more susceptible to manipulation than other commodities, real volume and real trading in bitcoin exist, and it is not the role of securities regulators to approve or disapprove of the merits of bitcoin. Also read: 23 Central Banks Divulge Their Digital Currency Requirements Director’s Refusal Axed, Fund Green-Lighted The Ontario Securities Commission […]

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Cryptocurrency and Blockchain News From Brazil: Oct. 28-Nov. 3 in Review

Cointelegraph Brasil presents a weekly digest of selected cryptocurrency- and blockchain-related news. Brazil has seen another tumultuous week in the cryptocurrency industry, as the alleged pyramid scheme Atlas Quantum upsets it customers yet again, another six individuals linked to the Unick Forest crypto scheme are arrested, and the founder of A2 Trader challenges Brazilian regulators to shut down his trading website. Here is the past week of cryptocurrency and blockchain news in review, as originally reported by Cointelegraph Brasil. Atlas Quantum upsets customers, as it buys BTC […]

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