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South Korea Drafting Legislation To Tax Individual Crypto Profits

South Korea will not tax individual crypto profits yet, but legislation is in the works. Cryptocurrency and taxation laws are creating a great deal of confusion in South Korea. On Dec. 30, South Korea’s government stated that under current law, it cannot impose income taxes on individuals’ profits from transactions of cryptocurrency. This, however, contrasts with the National Tax Service’s recent imposition of an 80 billion won ($68.9 million) tax bill on local crypto exchange Bithumb Korea. On Dec. 29, The Korea Herald reported that South Korea’s […]

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2019 in Review: Another Year of Highs and Lows for Crypto

Facebook’s Libra, Ethereum, QuadrigaCX, Tether and Bitfinex — Cointelegraph breaks down the biggest stories of 2019. 2019 may not go down as a year of breathtaking highs for cryptocurrency markets, but major strides have been made for mass adoption of digital payments and blockchain technology. A quick look at major headlines over the past 12 months highlight the shortcomings of the sector as well as the potential for cryptocurrencies to completely shake up the global payment system. One need look no further than social media giant Facebook […]

More info Platform Rewards Content Creators With Bitcoin Cash Incentives

Since the platform’s launch, the Bitcoin Cash-centric blogging site has gathered a lot of traction. The website’s user base publishes interesting content and new material on a daily basis with the most popular authors gathering tips in bitcoin cash for their work. Also Read: These Are the Bitcoin Stories You Loved in 2019 Blogging Platform Leverages Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash About a month ago, reported on two blogging websites that reward users in crypto for producing content. One of the platforms featured was and […]

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Mining Giant Bitmain May Lay Off Another 50% of Staff Before BTC Halving

Cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain is reportedly planning to layoff another 50 percent of its employees in advance of the Bitcoin halving coming in May. Cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain reportedly has plans to reduce its workforce by another fifty percent. On Dec. 2, Chinese news media outlet Wushuo Blockchain reported that Bitcoin (BTC) mining rig maker Bitmain has launched a “personnel optimization plan” that will layoff a significant portion of its employees before the next BTC halving, which is expected in May. The world’s largest producer of cryptocurrency […]

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River Financial Wants to Be the Bitcoiner’s Charles Schwab

Ever since he read the Denationalization of Money by Friedrich Hayek in college, Alex Leishman, the co-founder and CEO of River Financial, had been on the search for an alternative currency. The aerospace engineer major turned amateur Austrian economist wanted to build a financial institution around this yet-to-be-found, nongovernment-issued money. Leishman thought the banking-free option explored in Hayek’s work would manifest in the form of a multi-commodity-backed currency. It wasn’t until he discovered bitcoin in 2013, through a web development course on Coursera taught by Balaji S. […]

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Bitcoin Price Falls Below $7K But Bears Yet to Break Key Support Level

Bitcoin price dropped below $7K, leading traders to look for a bounce at the $6.8K support. Today, Bitcoin (BTC) price abruptly dropped below the $7,100 support, declining 3.35% to rest near $6,900.  For the past few days, Bitcoin price traded between $7,300 and $7,100, testing the $7,100 and $7,050 support multiple times. Therefore, for many traders, it was no surprise when the price fell below $7,100 as frequent retests of support weaken it. BTC USD 6-hour chart. Source: TradingView It’s likely that traders anticipate a bounce at […]

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Senior Software Developer at Ripple Quits After 6.5 Years to Focus on Coil

Senior software developer at major crypto firm Ripple announced that he is leaving the company after six and a half years to focus on work at Coil. Evan Schwartz, senior software developer at major crypto firm Ripple announced that he is leaving the cryptocurrency company after six and a half years. On Jan 2, the software engineer took to Twitter to announce that after working 2,328 days at the blockchain giant, today will be his last. Schwartz tweeted: “After 2328 days, or just under 6.5 years, today […]

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Was Youtube’s Christmas Crypto Purge Illegal?

This article considers the legal implications of Youtube’s notorious purge of crypto channels on Christmas Eve. What legal context induces Youtube and other social media giants to operate as they do? The article does not explore whether it is morally proper to terminate a contract without cause or explanation and to threaten people’s livelihoods; it is not. Nor are political implications, such as Youtube’s liberal bias, discussed. The legal factors context surrounding Google’s Youtube purge are important. Users should know what is happening and why. Also read: […]

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Ubisoft Might Be The First Major Games Company To Geek Out Over Blockchain

The gaming giant will become a block producer on the UOS blockchain, supporting a gaming project called Ultra. It’s already well-theorized that it’s not cryptocurrency or decentralized finance apps, but gaming that will actually drive blockchain use cases in the real world. While this has moved many smaller development companies and hobbyist programmers to release their own blockchain-driven games, distributed ledger technology’s reception among mainstay gaming companies has so far largely been neutral. A new partnership between old players But that’s about to change in the wake […]

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Carnegie Mellon University Sees $4M Pledge to Develop DeFi Research Program

Carnegie Mellon University sees $4 million pledge from alumnus and former MakerDAO contributer to advance DeFi research within. A former MakerDAO contributor and Carnegie Mellon alumnus has committed 10,000 MKR — valued at just under $4.3 million at press time — to his alma mater to develop a research program for decentralized applications. Who is giving what for what? Nikolai Mushegian announced the donation in a Jan. 1 post on his website. By his account, he already donated 3,200 MKR ($1.3 million) on the previous day and […]

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