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Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Says 20s Will See an Anoncoin Go Mainstream

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong believes that a “privacy coin” go mainstream in the 20s. Brian Armstrong, co-founder and CEO of United States-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, said that he believes a “privacy coin” will go mainstream in the 20s. In a post published on Coinbase’s official blog on Jan. 3, Armstrong said that he believes in the 20s we will see the integration of privacy features into one of the major blockchains. He also foresees a cryptocurrency with such features to go mainstream in the following years: “Just […]

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Richard Heart’s HEX Now Trading For Less Than 1 Satoshi After 52% Drop

An overnight price drop leaves HEX investors scratching their heads once again as a single coin becomes worth one Satoshi. Bitcoin’s (BTC) smallest denomination is now worth more than an entire unit of altcoin Hex (HEX) after the controversial token lost over 50% in a day. Data from Coinmarketcap and other sources confirm that HEX/BTC is now below 1 satoshi — or 0.00000001 BTC. HEX price too small to measure Put in different terms, the price of a single HEX token has become so small that many […]

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Subhash Chandra Garg on the Future of Crypto

India’s former Finance Secretary Subhash Chandra Garg has shared his views on the future of cryptocurrency, both in India and worldwide. He headed the committee responsible for drafting the infamous bill to ban cryptocurrencies, which the crypto community calls flawed in many regards. Also read: Regulatory Roundup – China Blockchain ETF, New French Crypto Rules, Tokens Money in Russia How Garg Sees the Future of Crypto Subhash Chandra Garg headed the interministerial committee (IMC) tasked with studying all aspects of cryptocurrencies in India and providing recommendations. His […]

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Biggest Crypto Price Movements of 2019

Which cryptocurrencies saw the biggest price jumps or descents in 2019? The start of 2020 is a great time to look at the path travelled by cryptocurrencies up and down the price charts and analyze how these coins have been performing throughout the previous year. The prices of most cryptocurrencies changed tremendously throughout 2019, as the year started off slow but then saw most cryptocurrencies jump in value over the first six months. However, some like Luna Coin (LUNA) exhibiting a considerable growth of 48,900%. Others, such […]

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Life Changing Finance #66 – Scarce Events Vs A Scarcity Mindset About Money – By Tai Zen

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Telegram Rejects SEC Request to Hand Over Bank Records for TON

Telegram Group, the company behind the TON blockchain project, has reportedly refused to share information with the SEC showing how much it spent of the $1.7 billion raised from investors in the past couple of years and where. In a recent court filing, the securities regulator alleges that Telegram has declined to provide bank records relevant to the case it has been pursuing since last fall. Also read: HSBC Closes 2 Branches Following New Protests in Hong Kong Messenger Unwilling to Disclose Financial Info According to the […]

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