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Australian Financial Regulator Could Oversee Facebook’s Calibra Wallet

The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority has proposed a regulatory framework that would have it oversee digital wallets, including Calibra. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is seeking to oversee stablecoin projects like Facebook’s controversial stablecoin Libra. In an official proposal to the Senate published on Jan. 20, APRA submitted a possible regulatory framework dedicated to fintech and regulatory technology (regtech) covering topics ranging from digital wallets to data protection.  The proposed framework, “is intended not only to be fit for purpose for the current financial system but […]

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CME Bitcoin Options Volume Doubles One Week After Launch, Hits $5.3M

CME seals growth of 120% in the first seven days of its Bitcoin options, further strengthening the idea that institutional interest in Bitcoin is mounting. Bitcoin (BTC) options from CME Group more than doubled their traded volume in the first week after going live, data shows.  According to figures supplied by the company, Bitcoin options volumes skyrocketed in the seven days since they went live on Jan. 13. BTC futures options surge higher As of Jan. 17, volume was 122 contracts, worth 610 BTC ($5.27 million). By […]

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Monerium to Issue E-Money on the Algorand Blockchain In New Partnership

Licensed e-money issuer Monerium will support the blockchain protocol Algorand in 2020. Licensed e-money issuer Monerium will support the blockchain protocol Algorand in 2020. News of the two firms’ non-exclusive partnership was announced in a press release on Jan. 21.  The cooperation will see Monerium issuing its programmable e-money on the proof-of-stake Alogrand protocol, created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor and Turing Prize award-winner Silvio Micali.  Regulated e-money on the blockchain Founded in 2016, ConsenSys–backed Monerium focuses on bridging fiat money and blockchains by […]

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Indian Minister Inaugurates Blockchain Center of Excellence in Bengaluru

A Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology has been inaugurated by Indian Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad in Bengaluru. It will facilitate various government departments in their blockchain work, leading to large scale deployment of blockchain applications. Also read: Regulatory Roundup: EU-Wide Crypto Regulations, New Rules in Europe, US, Asia New ‘Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology’ India’s Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Meity) announced the inauguration of a Centre of Excellence in Blockchain Technology in Bengaluru by Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday. Prasad is […]

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Turkish City Developing Crypto and Blockchain Solutions for Public Services

The Turkish city of Konya, a major cultural and historical center of the country, is developing its own coin and blockchain ecosystem for public services. Konya, the city of the world-famous poet Rumi, might not come to mind when talking about technology, especially blockchain and cryptocurrencies. As one of the major cultural centers of Turkey, Konya is known for its rich history, gorgeous mosques, and historical sites.  But that has not stopped the Anatolian city from setting up its “Science and Technology Valley,” under the umbrella of […]

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These Online Stores Are Bitcoin Only

The number of stores that accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BCH is growing. But while such stores will accept bitcoin alongside existing fiat payments, a handful operate in reverse. These online shops are bitcoin only and they’ve no intention of accepting fiat currency – ever. Also read: How Is Bitcoin Cash Different From Bitcoin Core? Your Filthy Fiat’s No Good Here In a world where everyone used bitcoin, shopping would be much more private. There’d be no risk of card fraud, no credit scores, payment blacklisting, […]

More info Releases SLP Indexer Server for High Performance Token Services is releasing the open source SLP Indexer Server for validating Simple Ledger Protocol tokens as part of its commitment to the development of the token ecosystem. The tool is designed to make SLP token transactions perform as fast as BCH and empower developers to create even greater projects on the Bitcoin Cash network. Also Read: How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the Mint Introduces SLP Indexer to Developers SLP Indexer is a tool that can validate an unconfirmed SLP transaction in around […]

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CME’s Futures Options Sprinted Out of the Gate but a Marathon Lies Ahead

CME launched its first Bitcoin options product, but is its initial success a matter of good timing? In the two years since it launched cash-settled Bitcoin futures, CME has firmly established itself as a leader in the regulated crypto derivatives space despite not always being the first to market. In December 2017, it launched regulated Bitcoin futures a week after rival exchange CBOE. However, it only took 15 months for CBOE to completely withdraw from the market. By August, CME had announced record highs for Bitcoin futures trading. Most recently, Bakkt came into […]

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Britain’s Tax Agency Offering Contract for Tech to Combat Crypto Tax Evasion

Britain’s tax agency is inviting contract applications for a tech tool to help combat crypto tax evasion. Britain’s tax agency is inviting contractors to provide a tech tool to help Britain’s tax agency combat crypto cybercriminals.  What the agency wants The technology, which Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC) posted on Jan. 17 in an open contract call worth 100,000 pounds sterling, should gather intelligence through cluster analysis. The HMRC’s Cybercrime team hopes this will help them correlate crypto-asset transactions with service providers.   As opposed to free […]

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Bitcoin Cash Gets Significant Privacy Boost With Cashfusion Alpha Launch

On January 17, the BCH developer known as Acidsploit announced the launch of the highly anticipated Cashfusion alpha. Interested parties can reach out to the Cashfusion developers via the team’s Telegram group to become an alpha tester. The news of the launch excited the BCH community a great deal, as it means a significant privacy tool is coming to the Bitcoin Cash environment. Also read: How to Create Custom SLP Tokens With the Mint Bitcoin Cash Is Becoming More Fungible During the last few months, there’s […]

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