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Retail Bought $3.7K Bitcoin Price Dip on Record $76B Volume: Report

Fear of the Coronavirus pandemic infected investor confidence, leading Bitcoin price to crash by 50% but as this occurred retail demand for Bitcoin increased and institutions left. Although the Coronavirus pandemic has led many brick and mortar industries to close operations, cryptocurrency exchanges seem to have had their best month in a long time.  According to an exchange report released by CryptoCompare, Bitcoin (BTC) trading volume saw record-breaking numbers throughout the month. Cryptocurrency market daily view. Source: Coin360 The March 13 market crash that brought the Bitcoin price […]

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Bitcoin’s Hedging Performance in the Wake of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Investigating the hedging abilities of Bitcoin in response to the global coronavirus pandemic crisis. The recent coronavirus outbreak has far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease and efforts to quarantine it. Recently, we’ve experienced one of the most severe stock market crashes in modern times: On March 9, 2020, the Dow Jones Industrial Average recorded a drop of -7.8%, which happened to be its worst single-day loss ever. However, on Thursday, March 12, 2020, the Dow then recorded the fifth-largest drop in modern history based on […]

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SEC Alleges Minority Communities Targeted By Bottled Water Scam

A former Christian pastor targeted his African-American parishioners with fake investments in ‘the first black-owned alkaline water company.’ The United States Securities and Exchange Commission has charged a former pastor and his wife for stealing $500,000 through a trio of fraudulent businesses, including a cryptocurrency offering purportedly backed by a bottled water business. According to a complaint filed on April 2, the pair also sold fake shares in their struggling water business, Teshuater, in addition to conjuring up a non-existent Bitcoin (BTC) mining outfit to dupe investors […]

More info Gaming Site Launches Covid-19 Relief Fund – Donating 20% House Edge to Healthcare Efforts

The owners of the website have announced a coronavirus relief fund following the myriad of other crypto companies donating funds to help fight the covid-19 pandemic. is an extremely popular gaming website that saw more than 40 million visitors last month in web traffic and the site ranks #2,379 globally according to Alexa ratings. The website is donating 20% of the house edge to an organization that will be coordinating with public health authorities in order to provide protective equipment. Also read: Coronavirus Relief: Cryptocurrency […]

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April Fools, Celebrity Scams, & Manipulated Markets: Bad Crypto News of the Week

Check the bad crypto news of the past week. Bitcoin seems to be settling happily above $6,000 and is currently just north of $6,500 again. Let’s hope we’ve seen the last of those $5,000 movements and we’re ready for a steady climb back to double figures before the halving in mid-May. It’s getting closer. In the meantime, the Federal Reserve now appears to have merged into the federal government. An opinion piece in Bloomberg has described how an alphabet soup of financial programs intended to help the […]

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Staking, Consensus and the Pursuit of Decentralization

The proof-of-stake ecosystem continues to refine itself and find creative solutions in pursuit of decentralized consensus — despite the problem’s complexity and challenges. Oh, the wonders of decentralized consensus — that dream of permissionless blockchains to be censorship-resistant, trustless, collaborative and egalitarian for a potentially global community of users. While lofty in ideals, consensus is foundational for each crypto network, which must agree upon that most basic question of who decides what on the network. Decentralized consensus in the form of a proof-of-work mechanism was at the […]

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Blockchain Experts Weigh in on Russia’s Controversial Coronavirus Tracking App

Blockchain technology would have been a better solution for handling coronavirus-related data in Russia. Experts suggest that blockchain technology could have been a better solution for handling coronavirus-related data in Russia. Moscow’s COVID-19 App is pulled from Google Play On March 25, an app called “Social monitoring” appeared in Google Play store. According to the app’s description, it was designed for social monitoring as well as for providing access to emergency services. Users soon noticed that the app required many sensitive permissions, including geolocation, bluetooth pairing, biometric […]

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Crypto Community Largely Approves of Binance Acquiring CoinMarketCap

Experts believe that Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap is a sign that the crypto industry is dealing with the ongoing market collapse well. Despite markets all over the world facing ever-worsening economic troubles amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it seems as though the crypto industry has been able to weather the storm, at least thus far. In this regard, Binance — the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange — has recently reached an agreement to acquire CoinMarketCap, one of the most prominent crypto data websites. The official announcement was made […]

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Billionaire Optimistic On Bitcoin as a ‘Flight to Safety’

Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya explained a scenario which could see Bitcoin become a “flight to safetyâ€� asset. In an interview with Morgan Creek Digital founder, Anthony Pompliano, Chamath Palihapitiya, billionaire CEO of venture capital firm, Social Capital, said that now could be Bitcoin’s time to shine. “I think Bitcoin needed a moment like this for it to be relevant,” Palihapitiya said. “It’s still a speculative instrument, and it’s too speculative for it to be reliable,” he explained. Bitcoin is still too turbulent In his interview with Pompliano, Palihapitiya […]

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Evidence Shows Politicians and Wall Street CEOs Expected the Market Crash Well Before Covid-19

The coronavirus outbreak has sent shockwaves through the world’s economy and this has caused politicians and central bankers to react in various ways. However, global market leaders, Wall Street CEOs and hedge fund managers had one of the best years in more than a decade since the 2008 financial crisis. In fact, evidence shows that the bureaucracy and the modern banking cartel knew a crash was on the horizon, as the covid-19 crisis was simply the pin that popped the balloon. Also read: IMF Declares Global Recession, […]

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