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Binance Now Sending Out Its Debit Cards

Binance’s move into the payment card space takes flight as cards go out for delivery. After months of waiting, planning and testing, Binance has begun delivering its debit cards to customers. “This started shipping in limited quantities as of yesterday, I heard,â€� Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, said in a July 25 tweet, responding to a community member interested in the product. Previous reporting shows an August launch for the card in European regions, so, it can be inferred, CZ means shipping to European […]

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Door Still Open for Future ZEC Relisting, Liquid Exchange COO Says

Japanese exchange Liquid is not closed to the idea of relisting Zcash, an asset the outfit recently delisted due to regulatory precaution. After delisting privacy-focused asset Zcash (ZEC) in pursuit of regulatory compliance, Japanese exchange Liquid is not against a future relisting, pending regulatory clarity. “Regarding ZEC and our decision to temporarily stop providing trading services, we are seeking further guidance from both industry working groups and the MAS before we resume trading on Liquid,â€� exchange COO Seth Melamed told Cointelegraph on July 25, referring to the […]

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New Coronavirus Relief Package Proposed With Second Round of Stimulus Checks for Americans

Republicans have proposed a new coronavirus relief package with a second round of stimulus check payments, a draft summary of the proposal confirms. According to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, the new package will be the “exact same proposal as last time.” New Covid-19 Relief Proposal As lawmakers debate over a new coronavirus relief aid package, Americans are eager to know if they will receive another round of direct payments. According to a draft proposal obtained by The New York Times on Thursday, there will be a second […]

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Aviation Database Struck By Unknown Ransomware Gang

A ransomware attack against Garmin affected pilots that rely on the company’s support for aviation navigational equipment. Smartwatch maker and data-syncing service provider, Garmin, was the subject of a ransomware attack that took down several of its services on July 23, which managed to encrypt its internal network. According to a series of tweets published by the company, the Garmin Connect website and mobile app were affected by the hackers, plus the call centers and every customer support resources like replying emails, online chats, and handling calls. […]

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Things to Consider When Giving Crypto to Charities or Others

Here are some important things to know before giving donations in cryptocurrency for charitable purposes. Last month, the United States Congress increased the tax benefits of charitable giving in the CARES Act in hopes that people will give more. Some give money; others give property; and a growing number have been giving crypto assets. Once you have made the difficult decision of which charity or cause to donate to, your focus should shift toward your tax position. There are certain things to keep in mind when giving […]

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Liquid Exchange Confirms Asset Delistings Due to Regulatory Requirements

Japanese exchange Liquid officially announced the delisting of 27 assets, citing regulatory precautions. Japanese exchange Liquid recently unveiled a mass asset removal from its platform, which COO Seth Melamed claimed necessary for legal compliance. “Liquid works closely with regulators in Japan and Singapore,â€� Melamed told Cointelegraph on July 25. Referring to Anti-Money Laundering, or AML, and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, or CFT, regulations, he added: “As part of risk management we have to take a conservative approach regarding maintaining listings in tokens that are potentially viewed […]

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With $10K Near, Is Bitcoin Price Ready for a Big Breakout Next Week?

The price of Bitcoin is showing strength as it broke through a key level this week and putting $10,000 within reach once again. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) held the crucial support level of $9,000, after which a rally to $9,600 occurred, as anticipated in last week’s technical analysis. Nevertheless, the overall market trend for BTC price has not broken out of its range since the halving in May. The support area is $8,800-9,000, while the resistance can be found between $10,100-10,300. The volatility and volume have […]

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1,000 People Had Access to Twitter ‘God Mode’ — 130 Accounts Targeted by Hackers

More than 1,000 Twitter employees and contractors reportedly had access to Twitter’s “God mode” earlier this year, before the recent large-scale hack that saw many high-profile accounts tweet about a bitcoin giveaway. Twitter has confirmed that 130 accounts were targeted, and hackers accessed the private messages of 36 accounts. Over 1,000 People With ‘God Mode’ Access to Twitter Following the recent hack that saw high-profile accounts tweet about a bitcoin giveaway scam, many have raised the question of how many people have access to Twitter’s “God mode,” […]

More info Launches ‘Joint Mining’ Platform, Pitching It as a Cloud Mining Killer

The Chinese mining pool is offering an alternative to cloud mining, charging fees only after their equipment starts to pay for itself. China-based mining pool wants to upgrade the concept of cloud mining, which allows users to mine crypto remotely by buying a certain amount of hash power from a third-party, with what it calls “joint mining.â€� Announced on July 25, the company’s new “joint miningâ€� subsidiary aims to reduce the risks associated with “popular cloud mining productsâ€� by offering more flexibility. Specifically, claims […]

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It Is the China Dream That Hinders Digital Yuan Says Fisco Executive

China’s digital yuan looks to be scaling smoothly but its core political slogan may disrupt further development. China leads the development of central bank digital currency (CBDC ) in the world. Digital yuan has been already tested in some areas in China while Western nations have just started talking about CBDCs. Six central banks such as ECB, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, are collaborating on the research of CBDC and reportedly held the first meeting just in April. Bank of Japan announced at the beginning of […]

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