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Motley Fool adding $5M in Bitcoin to its ‘10X portfolio’ — has a $500K price target

“We plan to hold this Bitcoin investment for many years and we’ll wait for all of our members in our new 10X service to be able to buy before we do.” Financial and investment advisory giant The Motley Fool has announced it will invest $5 million into Bitcoin with the expectation that it will rise to $500,000. Announced earlier today via a blog and Twitter post, the firm stated it won’t be “buying overpriced ETFs” but will be “buying Bitcoin directly.” Currently ranked fifth globally in the […]

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Robinhood announces plans to offer crypto deposits and withdrawals

Robinhood’s reputation has taken a battering lately but it hopes to regain credibility among the crypto community by introducing cryptocurrency transfers. The controversy laden trading platform Robinhood announced today it intends to implement cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. While customers have been able to buy and sell cryptocurrency via the platform for some time, they are unable to access the coins themselves to transfer them to other wallets. According to a series of tweets published from the company’s Twitter account, work on integration of cryptocurrency transfers has already […]

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German Cannabis Firm Hedges Bitcoin to Protect from Massive Currency Devaluation

On Tuesday, the cannabis firm Synbiotic SE, a publicly-traded company in Germany that’s listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Xetra, has announced it is leveraging bitcoin to hedge against the euro. Synbiotic’s chief executive officer, Lars Müller explained that the company decided to hedge with the leading crypto asset in order to protect the firm from further risk of euro and dollar devaluation. Synbiotic CEO: ‘Bitcoin Is the Exact Antithesis of Traditional Currencies’ A German cannabis company is joining the growing list of firms that are […]

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