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As Crypto Interest Winds Down Bitcoin’s Daily Transaction Rate Plummets to Two-Year Lows

Onchain data indicates that bitcoin transactions per day have plummeted to lows not seen since October 2018. Further, bitcoin transaction fees have dropped 93% after touching a high of $62 per transaction in April 2021. Bitcoin Daily Transaction Rate Dips by 35%, Google Trends Data Shows Interest Has Dropped Since May While bitcoin (BTC) prices have dropped to lower bound ranges, after touching an all-time high over $64K per coin, the number of daily transactions has dive-bombed as well. In fact, daily BTC transactions have been plummeting […]

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Record $141M outflow from Bitcoin products signals institutions are bearish on BTC: CoinShares

Institutional investors withdrew a record $141 million from Bitcoin investment products this past week. The latest report from analytics firm CoinShares shows that outflows from institutional BTC investment products continue to surge. According to CoinShares’ June 7 Digital Asset Fund Flows Weekly report, institutional investors are continuing to reduce Bitcoin exposure, with BTC investment products seeing a record outflow of $141 million this past week. Capital flows for crypto investment products: CoinShares The data follows heavy institutional selling amid May’s dramatic crypto market meltdown, with institutions having […]

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Donald Trump Detests Bitcoin, Calls BTC a Scam, Wants Heavy Crypto Regulation

Former U.S. President Donald Trump says he does not like bitcoin because it is a currency that competes with the dollar, which he wants to be the currency of the world. He calls bitcoin a scam and wants cryptocurrency to be very heavily regulated. Trump Thinks Bitcoin Is a Scam, Wants Heavy Regulation on Crypto Donald Trump talked about bitcoin in an interview with Fox Business Monday. Responding to a comment that he does not like bitcoin and he would not invest in it, Trump said the […]

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Theta and Theta Fuel (TFUEL) soar ahead of June 30 mainnet launch

THETA and TFUEL rallied more than 50% as investors anticipate the upcoming Mainnet 3.0 launch. Major protocol upgrades can play a significant role in altcoin rallies regardless of the state of the wider cryptocurrency market because new features excite token holders and help to attract new investors.  One ecosystem that has been heating up over the past two weeks is the Theta protocol. The project’s THETA token rallied 50% and Theta Fuel (TFUEL) gained 71% ahead of the network’s upcoming Mainnet 3.0 launch scheduled for June 30. […]

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Asset Managers Could Violate Fiduciary Duty If They Don’t Consider Bitcoin, Says Finance Professor

A professor of finance and business economics at the University of Southern California says that asset managers focusing on growth strategy could violate their fiduciary duty if they do not consider bitcoin in their portfolios. Asset Managers With Growth Focus Need to Consider Bitcoin Financial researcher Nik Bhatia said last week that asset managers seeking growth returns on behalf of their clients need to consider bitcoin, the Insider reported. Bhatia is also an adjunct professor of finance and business economics at the University of Southern California Marshall […]

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FBI Agent Recovers Private Key to $2.3M in Bitcoin Paid to Colonial Pipeline Hackers

U.S. law enforcement officials from the Justice Department on Monday announced the seizure of $2.3 million dollars worth of crypto assets that were paid to the Colonial Pipeline hackers. Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco explained during a news conference that federal agents “recaptured the majority of the ransom Colonial paid to the Darkside network.” FBI Recovers Private Key for Over 63 Bitcoin, Investigator Says Real-Time Blockchain Surveillance Used On May 14, News reported on the Darkside network of hackers extorting Colonial Pipeline for close to $5 […]

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