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Survey: Financial Sector Wants Ukraine’s CBDC to Facilitate Transactions in the Crypto Market

A survey conducted among financial professionals has indicated that the industry wants Ukraine’s future digital currency to be used as a tool in the crypto space. The financial sector also favors a blockchain design for the e-hryvnia that would allow peer-to-peer transfers and fuel e-commerce. Financial Experts Define Potential Uses of Ukraine’s Digital Currency The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has published the results of a survey aimed to establish the potential demand for a central bank digital currency (CBDC). The regulator sent out a set of […]

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Adopting a decentralized way of life, from small steps to giant leaps

Decentralization may seem out of reach for many, but here are some realistic ways to reject the idea of centralization in our daily lives. Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies, such as Ether (ETH), all share a common goal: to decentralize the way people bank and to open up the under-financed and under-banked world to their own financial independence. Decentralization and accessibility are some of the key motivators in the crypto sphere. Crypto and blockchain were not made for a specific group of people, but for an inclusive […]

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Blockchain can help publishers improve audience trust

By implementing timestamping and blockchain technology, media and publications can increase their readers’ assurance. Readers expect their news content to be reliable and trustworthy, yet many doubt it actually is. Readers cite issues like unchecked sources, rushing too fast to print, careless reporting and news sites being deliberately misleading as contributing to their eroding trust in published content. Yet readers seek out — and are even willing to pay for — credible, factual, objective news. Increased trust will come from providing more transparency into the reporting and […]

More info Becomes Malta’s First Licensed Digital Currency Exchange to Offer Bank Transfers

The digital asset trading platform has announced the firm has become the first global cryptocurrency exchange to obtain an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). According to the announcement,’s EMI license will allow the firm to issue cards and bank transfers to consumers in the region. Receives the First EMI License from Malta details in its latest announcement that the digital asset exchange has been working closely with the MFSA. Two months ago, the exchange received a […]

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It’s kick-off time: Enjoy Euro 2020 finals the crypto and blockchain way

As one of soccer’s largest events, the Euro cup comes to a close, here’s how you can use your crypto to enjoy the upcoming final. The date is set. July 11 is when soccer fans all over the world can, for a period of at least 90 minutes, forget all about what’s wrong with the outside world and finally get to witness who will be the winner of one of the most widely viewed sports in the world. England and Italy will compete for the honor to […]

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Parliament of West Africa Economic Block Cautions Against Use of Cryptocurrencies

The parliament of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has joined the list of African organizations that have cautioned against the use of cryptocurrencies. In its warning to West Africa crypto users, the legislative body insists these digital assets are too volatile and as such “their use on the African continent is not without dangers.” Refusing to Accept Crypto Not a Violation of Legal Provisions According to a report, this parliamentary warning came after the joint committee meeting that was held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. […]

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Crypto exchanges: Bridging the gap between sovereignty and performance

The crypto dream is to make the exchange of value global and frictionless, but security and scalability concerns are driving constant trade-offs. Back in 2019, an estimated 99% of crypto-asset transfers took place on centralized exchanges (CEXs), according to the number that was used by main crypto critic Nouriel Roubini. CEXs are likely to remain a central fixture of the crypto trading landscape for the foreseeable future. CEXs are fast and convenient, but typically require traders to deposit funds in an account controlled by the exchange. Unfortunately, […]

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Get Paid for Excrement: This Eco-Friendly Toilet Pays You in Digital Currency

An eco-friendly toilet that pays people in digital currency for using it has been installed at a university in South Korea. The toilet is connected to a laboratory that uses excrement to produce biogas, which is used as a source of energy at the university. Get Paid in Digital Currency to Use a Toilet There is now a toilet that pays you in digital currency for using it. It was designed by a South Korean professor of environmental engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and […]

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US Senator Invests in Bitcoin and Ethereum via Grayscale

U.S. Senator Patrick Toomey has declared investments in Grayscale’s bitcoin and ethereum trusts. His declaration shortly followed one by fellow congressman, U.S. Representative Barry Moore, who declared that he had invested in dogecoin, ether, and cardano. Senator Pat Toomey’s Cryptocurrency Investments A growing number of U.S. lawmakers are investing in cryptocurrencies or crypto-related investments. According to a Periodic Transaction Report filed on July 7, U.S. Senator Patrick Toomey from Pennsylvania declared two personal cryptocurrency investments, each worth between $1,000 and $15,000. One was in Grayscale Bitcoin Trust […]

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3 reasons why Constellation (DAG) price outperformed most altcoins this week

A pivot toward DeFi, new wallet release and low transaction costs back DAG’s rapid rally to a new all-time high. The concerns voiced about the consensus mechanisms of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have played a part in the sideways price action both assets have seen over the past two months, opening the door for other competing projects to gain attention.  One project that managed to overcome the sideways action in the market and rally to a new record high on July 10 is Constellation (DAG), a […]

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