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Reactivated Ethereum pools trigger a 78% surge in THORChain price

RUNE looks ready to extend its gains after the reactivation of ETH-based pools resulted in a 78% rally last week. Ealier this year THORChain underwent a series of protocol exploits which led to $8 million being drained from its reserves and these successive attack took a heavy tool on RUNE price. This week, the protocol announced that it would re-open its Ethereum pool, along with other altcoin and BTC-based pools and the announcement appears to be having a positive impact on RUNE price. Data from Cointelegraph Markets […]

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The Worldwide Church Will Benefit From Global Money

Like the printing press and the internet, Bitcoin is an invention that addresses many of the challenges of evangelism. From Gutenberg to Google, for the last six centuries the church’s ability to utilize innovation has led to further expansion of the Gospel. Whether a missionary’s ministry takes place in modern cities or third world countries, the process of sending money across oceans can be equally as difficult. Whether because of lack of technology or an oppressive government, money transfers are often slow and expensive. The properties of […]

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An African Blockchain Enthusiast Launches Expedition That Seeks to Highlight East Africa’s Potential

While the African continent is generally viewed as one of the most ideally placed to embrace and fully exploit the blockchain, the reality on the ground suggests otherwise. The East Africa Blockchain Expedition As Adedayo Adebajo, the managing director of Jelurida Africa and a blockchain enthusiast told News, much of the focus in terms of investment has been on two regions, Southern and West Africa. Adebajo suggests in written responses to questions sent to News that the East Africa region is being left behind. Therefore, […]

More info web3 Marketing Protocol Aims for Metaverse Ads

PRESS RELEASE. Adshares ($ADS) decentralized network working since 2017, created the possibility to connect Publishers and Advertisers directly with the use of blockchain and allows them to sign advertising contracts without intermediaries. The Adshares team is constantly putting in a lot of effort to grow their ecosystem which shows that Adshares is considered one of the biggest players in the decentralized ad network market in the world for a reason. This is well illustrated by the number of impressions of their ads, which surpassed 200 million per […]

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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, SOL, AVAX, ALGO, AXS

Traders are watching to see if BTC’s bounce of the 20-day moving average resumes the uptrend. Meanwhile, SOL, AVAX, ALGO and AXS are preparing for a move higher. Bitcoin (BTC) continues to face strong selling as bulls attempt to flip the psychological level at $60,000 into support. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin could enter a correction as traders book profits following the successful launch of last week’s Bitcoin exchange-traded funds. In the past, the launch of the Bitcoin Futures product by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Dec. […]

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The Bitcoin Constant

It is difficult if not frightening to imagine the decisive strategic advantage the first country to adopt both Bitcoin and embryonic selection will have over the rest. The Bitcoin Constant The Center Cannot Hold: 10 We can agree that the conditions on Earth are sufficient to support intelligent life. We are a product of the universal environment. Therefore it is safe to say the conditions in the universe at large are consistent with those that can support intelligent life, however slim the odds. We can also agree […]

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An Ode To Bitcoin, Virtuous And Fair

Of course institutions disregard Bitcoin — it represents the aspects of freedom and private ownership that are in direct opposition to them. Bitcoin è Galant-Vomo: Bitcoin Is A Man Of Honor  The first thing to ask about Bitcoin is what it is, rather than what it is worth. Determining its value is as simple as dividing the amount you want by 21 million, with that number being closer to infinity if you value decentralization, transparency, privacy, security, innovation, inclusion, and financial freedom, but closer to zero if […]

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Bitcoin Hashrate Increases 32% in 3 Months, Stealth Miners Command 12% of BTC’s Hashpower

Bitcoin’s hashrate has been increasing a great deal during the last three months, as it’s increased more than 32% from 103 exahash per second (EH/s) on July 25 to today’s 137 EH/s, with a few highs in between around the 189 EH/s mark. Bitcoin’s price spike has pushed the hashrate higher and in a week’s time, the overall mining difficulty is expected to increase for the eighth time in a row. Bitcoin Hashrate Steadily Rises Higher As bitcoin’s price is still more than 30% higher during the […]

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Crypto in the crosshairs: US regulators eye the cryptocurrency sector

U.S. regulators are looking at crypto-related areas, touching on financial regulation, economic innovation and national security. In her monthly Expert Take column, Selva Ozelli, an international tax attorney and CPA, covers the intersection between emerging technologies and sustainability, and provides the latest developments around taxes, AML/CFT regulations and legal issues affecting crypto and blockchain. Lately, news headlines are focused on regulators’ concerns over the lack of investor protections in the cryptocurrency market, which has ballooned to more than $2 trillion, and the possible risks to financial stability. […]

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Beijing Presses Fast-Food Chain McDonald’s to Support Digital Yuan — China’s CBDC Expected to Launch in February

According to a recent report, Beijing is pressing the fast-food retail chain McDonald’s to support the digital yuan before the Winter Olympics in China scheduled for February 2022. The report notes that China is also pushing companies like Visa and Nike to join in on the central bank digital currency (CBDC) rollout. Chinese Government Pushes McDonald’s, Visa, Nike to Accept CBDC The People’s Republic of China is preparing for its full roll-out of the CBDC in February 2022, during the introduction of the Beijing Winter Olympics. According […]

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