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The city of Philadelphia rolls out its own blockchain initiative

City official said they are seeking comments from crypto innovators on how to integrate blockchain within the municipal government. City of Philadelphia Chief Innovation Officer Mark Wheeler announced an initiative to bring blockchain technology to city government on Monday. The project has invited people working in the blockchain and smart contracts space to contact staff working on the project to see how crypto technology could be useful within municipal government. Wheeler tweeted that he was inspired by the blockchain forward efforts of Miami, where Mayor Francis Suarez […]

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Bitcoin price briefly hits $69K ATH before plummeting back to Earth

BTC hit a new all-time high! It didn’t last long, however… Bitcoin price hit another all-time high at $69,000 as Ether continued its long slog toward $5,000 after reaching a new high at $4,868 earlier today. Shortly after hitting this fresh milestone, however, traders began taking profit, leading to a nearly-$7,000 drop which plunged BTC price below $63,000. Interestingly, this morning’s breakout initiated right as a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a sharp 6.2% annual rise in the Consumer Price Index, a figure […]

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While BTC Skyrocketed to $69K, Whale From 2013 Transfers $147 Million Worth of ‘Sleeping Bitcoins’

Following the string of 20 block rewards spent on Wednesday, an idle bitcoin wallet that was created on July 10, 2013, transferred 2,207 so-called ‘sleeping bitcoins’ worth over $147 million. Both of these massive transactions took place on the same day bitcoin reached an all-time price high at $69,000. 2013 Whale Transfers 2,207 Bitcoin Worth $147 Million On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, a ‘forgotten’ stash of bitcoins that sat idle for eight years and four months woke up for the first time since the wallet’s creation. The […]

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MUNCH Hits Record-Breaking 1000 ETH Charity Donation Milestone

PRESS RELEASE. Charity donation project MUNCH announces the ground-breaking milestone of donating over 1000 ETH to various charitable projects, making MUNCH the world’s leading charitable crypto project. MUNCH is a Defi project that incorporates automatic donations into financial transactions. 3% of every MUNCH transaction is diverted, automatically converted to ETH, and then routed to a community-chosen and verified charity. It requires no action or decision making and gives people autonomy over their investments. MUNCH converts donations at the point of the transaction and sends it directly to […]

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Discussing Central Banks’ Cluelessness, Inflation And Bitcoin

The latest in Federal Reserve and central banking news, economic inflation and how Bitcoin fits in. Watch This Episode On YouTube Listen To This Episode: BitcoinTV Apple Spotify Google Libsyn Audible Rumble In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch” podcast, Christian Keroles and I sat down to give an update on Federal Reserve news and central bank activity around the world. Topics in this episode included people at the Federal Reserve and their positions, the Fed Stability Report, Treasury curve update and inversions, the inflation narrative, […]

More info Donates 2 Bitcoin To English Football Club Southampton

The Premier League club created a new fund with the donation with the goal to enhance the experience of its fans. Betting platform donated 2 bitcoin to Premier League football club Southampton. The donation set up a new fund that seeks to “support the causes that matter most to [Southampton’s] fans,” the company said in a statement. But the club can also decide to retain, or HODL, a portion of the donation to capitalize on future price appreciation., a popular bitcoin-led betting platform, has donated […]

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Landry’s Restaurant Group to introduce Bitcoin loyalty program

Landry’s Select Club members will be able to earn Bitcoin-centric rewards points at 500 restaurant locations around the United States. Landry’s Restaurant Group announced a partnership with cryptocurrency firm NYDIG on Tuesday that will enable diners to earn $25 worth of Bitcoin for every $250 spent at the hospitality conglomerate’s eateries. Landry’s will also begin keeping a portion of its corporate treasury reserves in Bitcoin under the care of NYDIG. The company is known for operating dozens of franchise entities including Morton’s, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, the […]

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Why I Left My Legacy News Job For Bitcoin

This is my quest for a rebirth of the American Dream, a lost ideal which glimmers in the distance. I have always been my mother’s daughter. My mother is a captivating storyteller, an avid reader and a fearless risk-taker who I endlessly admire. Those are the very reasons my dad once told me he fell in love with her and went along with her decision to lead our family across an ocean with few belongings aside from a very strong vision of the American Dream. My mother’s […]

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Influx of crypto miners to Kazakhstan reportedly strains energy supply

According to the country’s vice minister of energy, addressing the potential strain on Kazakhstan’s power grid from crypto miners “cannot be delayed any longer.” Now responsible for the second biggest contribution to the Bitcoin hashrate, Kazakhstan’s energy grid may be unprepared to handle the addition of many cryptocurrency miners from China and others looking to capitalize on low cost electricity. In a Nov. 10 report from Reuters, government officials in Kazakhstan estimate that unregistered crypto miners in the country could be consuming twice as much power as […]

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Fresh Bitcoin price highs put bulls in profit for Friday’s $1.2B BTC options expiry

Bitcoin’s surge to $69,000 took bears by surprise and cemented bulls expected $400 million profit at Friday’s $1.2 billion options expiry. Every time a new Bitcoin (BTC) all-time high is formed, excessive expectations follow. This time was no different as its price briefly touched $69,000 in the early hours of Nov. 9.  Bitcoin 8h, we got our November 9th historical correction, seems to be very minor for now. Naturally I expect at bigger correction after we hit the 84k region, and then into blast off.$BTC #Crypto #Bitcoin […]

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