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Discussing Bitcoin Businesses And Bitcoin Entrepreneurship

Two Bitcoin experts speak about their experiences building Bitcoin related companies. Watch This Episode on YouTube Watch/Listen To This Episode: BitcoinTV Rumble Spotify Google Apple Libsyn Overcast Read The Full Transcript Below: John Carvalho (00:13): Obviously I know very well your involvement and my involvement too, I guess, with Bitcoin Uncensored. Did you do any other Bitcoin projects? I don’t know how closely you were involved with Counterparty or helping with that, but did you do anything else in the Bitcoin world?  Joshua Unseth (00:30): Other than […]

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NFT drop causes glitch in The Matrix, FTX.US adds Ethereum NFTs, token Baby Sharks…

The creators of the widely popular Baby Shark song are launching NFTs this week, FTX.US has expanded NFT support to Ethereum and more than 300,000 people are waiting for Matrix NFTs. The Matrix’s NFT revelations Soaring demand for the Warner Bros.’ Matrix NFT avatar drop on Nifty’s this week caused the website’s purchasing page to crash. Earlier this month, the film studio announced it would be dropping 100,000 unique Matrix-inspired avatar NFTs for $50 each as part of a promotional campaign for the new Matrix Resurrections film […]

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This simple Bitcoin options strategy lets traders profit while also hedging their bets

Not sure which way BTC price might go? Here’s how pro traders use the Iron Condor options strategy to place carefully hedged bets. For traders who are undecided on Bitcoin’s (BTC) move, the “long condor with call options” yields optimal results with very low risk. This strategy offers protection down to $53,500, which would be a 7% downside move from the current $57,600, and returns a positive outcome up to $67,500. Options markets provide more flexibility to develop custom strategies. Unlike futures, there are two separate instruments […]

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Indonesia’s Central Bank Considers Issuing Digital Currency to ‘Fight’ Crypto

Bank Indonesia, the country’s central bank, is reportedly considering issuing a central bank digital currency (CBDC) to fight the use of cryptocurrency. “A CBDC would be one of the tools to fight crypto. We assume that people would find CBDC more credible than crypto,” said an assistant governor of the central bank. Central Bank Sees CBDC as Tool to ‘Fight Crypto’ Juda Agung, an assistant governor of Bank Indonesia, the country’s central bank, talked about cryptocurrency and central bank digital currency (CBDC) during his parliamentary “fit and […]

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