A New Solar Powered Cryptocurrency Mining Farm To Open

Bit Of Background

This week saw the very positive announcement that a new solar-powered Cryptocurrency mining farm is being built in Illinois, USA. The new farm is being developed by the solar energy firm, Solar Alliance, based in Vancouver, Canada. The spokesperson for Solar Alliance – William Shatner – confirmed the details. William became involved with the company after using the Solar Alliance himself in his home, and the relationship developed from there.

The Illinois Location

The site which is being used is in Murphysboro, Illinois and is an old factory which is no longer in operation. The factory, which is on a 14-acre site, will be transformed into a solar-powered Cryptocurrency Mining farm with Shatner backing the project wholeheartedly. He is just one of the many celebrities that has joined the Cryptocurrency trend recently, although it has to be reported that this is an incredibly newsworthy story, as the superstar is working on a project which is much needed. As has been widely reported over the last few months, Bitcoin mining is draining the world’s power resources and national grids. For Bitcoin mining to continue at the pace it needs to there has to be additional power to support our national power firms. A solar-powered mining farm is just the answer. The new farm also works incredibly well in Illinois because the state has a firm policy on making sure that utility firms buy green energy.

It is also great news for the Murphysboro area because the new mining farm will create more jobs. The city’s mayor is also entirely behind the project because it will not only offer employment, but it will also increase the market value of the property no matter what the outcome. This is an excellent result for the city. The mayor quite rightly stated that the property – which has been left to rot for years – will now be redeveloped. Whether the Solar Alliance venture comes off or not, the city of Murphysboro will still win because it has a newly renovated building. A win-win situation for all involved.

Celebs In Cryptocurrencies

Shatner is not the first celeb to get involved in Cryptocurrencies, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent have also jumped onto the Cryptocurrency train although their attempts were not as successful as Shatner’s hopefully will be. Mayweather very famously became the face of Centra – a startup – which has since been closed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 50 Cent had already claimed that he had a large stash of Bitcoin, which he had received as payment for one of his albums in 2014. However, this soon came back to bite him when it was discovered that he had claimed for bankruptcy in 2015. The initial statement was quickly revoked.

Hopefully, shortly, more celebrities and large investors will follow suit with Shatner’s project and will begin to develop similar concepts in other parts of the world to support our national power which is already at full stretch. This is without a doubt the way forward for Cryptocurrency mining, and we look forward to more solar-powered Cryptocurrency mining farms popping up globally soon. Way to go Solar Alliance!

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