AMD Memory Tweak Tool for Changing Memory Timings On the Fly Under Linux

There is a new interesting tool released by Eliovp for modifying the video memory timings of AMD GPUs on the fly, so no need to modify and reflash the GPU BIOS anymore to do so. The not so good news for some users is that the tool is currently available for Linux only, but still you can test under Linux and make permanent changes via BIOS if needed after that for mining under Windows. The AMD Memory Tweak tool supports GDDR5 an HBM/HBM2 memory AMD GPUs and should be able to help increase hashrate in memory intensive algorithms such as Ethash for example. The AMD Memory Tweak tool is similar to the ETHlargementPill for Nvidia GDDR5X-based GPUs as an idea and functionality. The software is available as open source and is completely free to use, however you are welcome to send the author a tip if you find it useful.

To check out the AMD Memory Tweak tool for real time memory modifications on AMD GPUs…

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