ASIC Miner: New Dedicated Mining Rig Due For Release From Bitmain

The Background

World leader in mining hardware – Bitmain – has just announced the July 2018 release date of a new mining rig, which impressively is dedicated to exactly that. The market is already expecting GPU prices to drop and the whole Ether mining market to be completely changed.

However, there has been a lot of criticism about how Bitmain has handled the announcement and sold Antminer E3 so early. By releasing it months in advance, the market is concerned that the sale is far too early and will be affected by the changing vale of Cryptocurrencies before the hardware is released. Bitmain has also restricted buyers to five purchases each and there is growing concern that ASIC miners are still working with Ethereum. Ethereum developers are not comfortable with the fact that external ASIC miners are so powerful and may well look to block them. This would mean that ASIC miners are no longer able to work alongside the product, which would, therefore, render Antminer E3 unusable.

The Facts

As the mining hardware manufacturer for Bitcoin and a whole host of other Altcoins, Bitmain has focused on delivering a product with an enviable hash rate of 180-mega hash per second. The Antminer E3 has a power consumption of 800w, which is also a lot higher than other comparable products. These numbers could actually grow once the hardware has been launched. Bitmain has estimated the figures on the conservative side before release. Bitmain’s ASIC miners, in general, provide clients with a much better performance per watt than other hardware, which is not dedicated to mining. There is a distinct possibility that the new Antminer E3 could be just as robust and even more impressive than multi-GPU rings. This industry-changing development takes into consideration that the latter have clock and power-draw specific elements to improve their effectiveness.

The cost of the product seems to be the only drawback – $800 is a lot of money to pay when you compare it with what else you could pick up for this amount. You also have to bear in mind that your hash rate won’t be near that of other graphics 580 graphics cards etc.


Obviously, this is all in theory and facts will not be known for sure until the official launch date and the users start testing the hardware. One thing is for sure; Bitmain will have thoroughly tested the product before it is released. Any upgrades that need to be made to improve usability will be made immediately and work will continue to be done to make this the best option for clients.

And despite all of the criticism, it is reported that first release of Antminer E3 has completely sold out. This is definitely going to be a ‘watch this space’ release to see whether the product is industry changing and Ethereum continue to let ASIC miners access their system.

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