ASRock Plans to Sell Bitcoin Miners

An established company dealing with the production of motherboards, ASRock has confirmed that it would be selling its Cryptocurrency mining equipment. The company has solid plans for offering for sale its four GPUs – the graphics cards, which it uses for the process of mining the virtual coins.

Latest Equipment

Barely a week ago, this firm introduced its latest Phantom Gaming Series, which is entirely based on the RX series designed by AMD. According to a report that was given by a senior employee of this global firm, all of these four cards that the company plans to sell are designed for the purposes of mining only. The employee went ahead to add that the cards are all versions of the famous RX570 series.

According to this employee whose identity is still concealed, a fifth 8G OC version, which is known as the RX570, is the only gaming-designed of the product. Towards the end of last month, a screenshot of a presentation was posted on Twitter by a website known as That presentation gave a briefing of all the products that the company had plans of selling.

Capitalizing on the GPUs’ Demands

The first time ASRock released a motherboard that is specifically designed for the purposes of mining was back in 2013. This latest move has got people talking. A section of the market analysts feel that the latest move by this firm is to capitalize on the new demand that is in this market.

The number of Bitcoin miners who use this new technology in this mining activity, which consumes a huge amount of energy, has really gone up. This is the same demand that has led to the soaring sales that companies like Nvidia and AMD have seen over the past few months. However, these two senior most companies in this market have categorically stated that just a tiny amount of Bitcoin and other digital miners are part of their huge customer bases.

Notable Details about the Deal

Based on a report that was done by PCGamer, the RX570 Cryptocurrency mining series will be able to run the Adrenalin Edition of the AMD’s Radeon software. This is definitely one of the most amazing details, given the fact that just before the announcement, AMD updated the software to effectively tackle the processes of virtual currency mining.

Coincidentally, the confirmation was made on the very day Bitmain, which is the largest producer of mining equipment used for Bitcoin, introduced a brand new ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit; which is dedicated to virtual currencies such as Ethereum and a host of others that are Ethan he-based.

Bitmain is based in China and has been able to establish itself across the globe. The manufacturers of the Antminer E3, which will be made available to the public from July 2018. This mining equipment really sold out after its maker opted to begin accepting preorders from worldwide miners.

As of the moment, serious Bitcoin miners can grab the four Cryptocurrency mining equipment that ASRock is planning to sell.

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