ASRocks Introduces New Phantom Gaming Graphics Cards

A while ago, claims emerged online that ASRocks has plans to venture into graphics cards enterprising. It seems like the rumors that had spread far and wide on the web are true. ASRock issued a statement that confirmed the claim of the plan to unveil its graphics cards to users in the market.

Today, ASRock introduced phantom gaming cards to the market. The gaming adapter is based on AMD Radeon 500 GPUS graphics series. While unveiling the card, ASRock’s CEO LL Shiu said that they were pleased to partner with AMD and that they look forward to formulating a long-term firm relationship with AMD.

The company has produced about four products, which it intends to release to the market as soon as they are ready for market consumption. The four phantom gaming graphics cards include:
• RX580, 8G card
• RX570, 8G card
• RX560, 2G card
• RX550, 2G card

High-End Phantom Graphics Card

RX580 and RX570 have a dual cooling system together with a heatsink that forms a contact on three heat pipes and the double ball bearing fans. The graphics card has three-display port to enhance video output speed. The ports include 1.4 ports, 2.0 HDMI port, and dual DVI port. You can connect to the source of power using a single eight-pin connector on both high-end phantom gaming cards.

Low-End Phantom Graphics Card

RX560 AND RX550 form the lower ends of the phantom Radeon graphics cards. The producers of the Radeon card created a single twin ball fan for cooling the phantom card, but they did not create heat pipes on the lower end gaming graphics cards. The phantom gaming adaptor contains only a single display port of 1.4, single HDMI 2.0 and a single twin link DVI power connector for its video output section.

The graphics card has features that ensure memorable user experience. The Radeon best features include:
• A free sync feature that offers smooth and stutter gaming experience.
• Radeon system which is an adrenalin edition that allows video streaming, sharing
• A mobile feature that enables the gamer to capture the game while playing on a mobile phone.

The graphics card optimizes DirectX 12 as well as Vulkan performance. According to VP Scott Hackleman, the Radeon RX500 series adaptors will offer players with the best performance while playing.

However, ASRock failed to provide adequate information on when it will avail the brand new phantom gaming series to the market. Though, there exists a rundown of specific cards capabilities on ASRock website at

With regards to pricing, ASRock is yet to produce detailed information on the prices of the new X graphic cards.

With the recent Cryptocurrency troubles, clients and gamers hope that the challenges will end soon before the new phantom card is released to the market.

In conclusion, the new phantom gaming Radeon graphics card offers the best features to gamers that they can enjoy using. All the four products produced by ASRock have some similar characteristics. However, as a gamer, you should try the new products when they finally get released to the market sooner.

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