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The Battle For P2SH: The Untold Story Of The First Bitcoin War

“Push the date back two months. OP_EVAL just is not ready yet.” It was the verdict Gavin Andresen had worked so long to avoid. With a single rebuke sent from Russell O’Connor’s keyboard, a months-long effort to upgrade Bitcoin — the first in the wake of founder Satoshi Nakamoto’s exit — was abruptly stalled ahead of implementation.  As revealed by O’Connor, the proposed command — heralded by Andresen as the “fastest path” to more secure Bitcoin wallets — could be exploited to create transactions that would send the software […]

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Law Decoded: New threats to self-custody take shape in the US, Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Tentative clampdowns coming from both the Treasury and the House in the United States lead this week’s Law Decoded. Every Friday, Law Decoded delivers analysis on the week’s critical stories in the realms of policy, regulation and law.  Editor’s note For several weeks, rumors have circulated in the U.S. that the Treasury under Steven Mnuchin is planning some sort of rulemaking to ban or severely restrict self-hosted cryptocurrency wallets.  The Treasury hasn’t made any public statements to support these rumors, but they are persistent and pervasive enough […]

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OCC leader Brian Brooks: ‘Nobody’s going to ban Bitcoin’

Forthcoming regulations are “going to be a lot less bad than people will worry about.” Brian Brooks, the head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, said regulators are not looking to “kill” Bitcoin (BTC) but instead ensure its smooth integration into the financial system.  In an interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box on Friday, Brooks said: “We’re very focused on getting this right. We are very focused on not killing this, and it is equally important that we develop the networks behind Bitcoin and other […]

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Unbanked Hong Kong Chief Carrie Lam: “I Have Piles of Cash at Home”

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she is currently unbanked and keeps piles of cash stashed at her home courtesy of US sanctions. Alongside 14 Chinese and Hong Kong officials, Lam has been slapped with punitive measures that effectively cut her off from the banking system. The US government announced the sanctions in response to the imposition of the national security law on the Hong Kong territory. Cash Salary The US government, through the Office of Foreign Asset Control, can effectively enforce its policy objectives on […]

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DeFi and Eth2 are whole new convos for regulators, says SEC’s Hester Peirce

United States SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce wants to focus on new guidance for DeFi and future Ethereum projects. Hester Peirce, commissioner for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, explained during an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph that decentralized finance, also known as DeFi, has created new challenges for the SEC.  Peirce, nicknamed “Crypto Mom” for her interest in digital-asset innovation, mentioned that the quickly rising DeFi sector has resulted in a number of unresolved legal issues: “DeFi has posed a challenge for the SEC in a similar […]

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Argo Reports 23% Monthly Revenue Increase, With 2,369 Bitcoin Mined Since January

Bitcoin miner Argo Blockchain reported Thursday that revenue climbed 23% to £1.48 million ($1.98 million) in November compared to £1.2 million ($1.6 million) the previous month. ● The London Stock Exchange-listed firm mined less bitcoin (BTC) in November (115 BTC) than it did in October (126 BTC) “due to changes in mining difficulty”, but bitcoin’s surging prices helped push revenue higher. ● The price of bitcoin soared more than 50% last month to a new all-time high of $19,864 reached on Nov. 30. ● Altogether, Argo has […]

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PRESS RELEASE., a crypto currency DeFi startup and social media platform for streaming and gaming, partnered with, which allowed Streamix to be one of their first cryptocurrency projects to use their FaaS (Farming-as-a-Service) platform and drive more value. See and trade current MIXS spot price 24/7 or learn more: “Streamix is one of the first projects to use the FaaS platform and we’re very excited with the interest it has garnered in the crypto community. Our phenomenal growth in DeFi yield farming on ValueDeFi […]

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Bitcoin price correction begins — Here’s how low BTC can go

The price of Bitcoin may be due for a deeper correction as the upward momentum is showing weakness. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has been seeing a massive run in recent months as it surged by almost 100% from $10,000 to $19,800. However, the all-time high region at $20,000 has been showing significant resistance, causing the price to drop several times including today as BTC has now fall below $19,000 on Dec. 4. The chances of a correction have been slowly increasing amid diminishing volume in recent […]

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China Construction Bank’s blockchain bond efforts take a new direction

After an earlier attempt, China Construction Bank has gone back to the drawing board with new partners and a new proof-of-concept for a blockchain-based bond. China Construction Bank, the world’s second-largest bank by assets, is cooperating with Malaysian and Singaporean partners to test blockchain technology for use in the bond market. As previously reported, China Construction Bank’s branch in Labuan, Malaysia, had initially pursued a partnership with a Labuan-based fintech to issue what was hailed as prospectively the first-ever blockchain-based digital security to be issued by a Chinese financial […]

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UN blockchain tool aims to improve land registry in Afghanistan’s cities

The United Nations wants to tackle urban challenges like land-grabbing and inefficient use of space with blockchain technology. The United Nations has released a blockchain-powered solution to help the Afghan government manage property ownership issues in the country’s urban areas. According to a Dec. 2 announcement, the U.N. Human Settlements Programme, or U.N.-Habitat, will present its new digital land registry solution to the Ministry of Urban Development and Land in Afghanistan in December 2020. The U.N. first launched its blockchain project for sustainable urban development in Afghanistan […]

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