BCH ABC Takes All The Hash From The Bitcoin Mining Pool

The users of Bitcoin.com mining pool that was invented by Roger Ver are now mining Bitcoin Cash ABC – Adjustable Block Chains as a sign of their support during the continuing hard fork. Based on an announcement that was placed on Roger Ver’s Bitcoin.com dashboard, these users will be forced to move to a different mining pool if they don’t like the one they have at the moment.

How The Site Has Been Working

The users of Bitcoin.com are given an opportunity to link their own mining hardware or to buy hashrate direct from the company and renting miners in an effective and easy way. As it were, cloud mining has a specific bad reputation in the whole Bitcoin market. However, up to this moment, there has never been foul play reports that are placed on the website.

The pool takes pride in an ordinary hashrate of more than that of Bitcoin Core petahashes. In addition to that, it has been able to mine a total of over 1700 blocks since the moment it was incepted. The success rate of this popular site has been much better in BCH, having been able to mine over 6000 blocks. Its ordinary hashrate for Bitcoin Cash varies quite a bit less than the Bitcoin Core, and this implies that the site will have a great boost from moving all its hashpower to Bitcoin Cash ABC.

Its Only Bitcoin Cash ABC For Bitcoin.com Miners!

It is important to note that Bitcoin.com had only obtained a few blocks in Bitcoin Core over the past couple of days. This will work great for Bitcoin ABC users, and the BCH ABC’s value stays up, the miners affected would have something to smile about, as of today, it has been confirmed that all the hash connected with Bitcoin.com will only be mining the Bitcoin Cash Adjustable Block Chain. Based on a report released by Coin. Dance, the website mines over 5% of the blocks in BCH in a regular manner. From only that, it is evident that Bitcoin.com plays a major role when it comes to securing the blockchain for the newly split BCH ABC.

And Its Main Role Is…

Bitcoin Core’s hashrate until 2013 September, was less than one PH/s. when looking at the importance of an hashrate, there are a lot of factors that are considered. As far as BCH ABC still has a similar hashing algorithm to that of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, and the Satoshi Vision has more dedicated hashpower, then there are still serious risks in the sense that a bad Satoshi Vision pool could opt to mine just empty blocks on the Bitcoin Cash ABC. It could also just decide to carry out the infamous 51% attacks. Close to 65% of the entire BCH hash pool have declared to mine on each of the pool, with Coingeek and SV Pool carrying close to 58% of the total hash, and evidently supporting the Satoshi Vision fork.

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