BitBose ICO – The Future Of Crypto Investments


Token: BOSE
Total Supply of Tokens: 300,000,000
Token type: ERC20 BOSE
Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH
Token Price: 1 BOSE=$0.25
Soft cap: $5 million
Hard cap: $ 45 million
Private Presale Dates: 4th March – 31st May (Completed)
Private Presale Partners: Strategic Partners
Private Presale Minimum Contribution: 1000 BOSE
Presale Dates: 1st June – 15th July
Presale Participants: Accredited Investors
Presale Minimum Contribution: 1000 BOSE
Token Sale Dates: 16th July – 30th November
ICO Sale Participants: Non-US/CA/CN/TW/HK Participants
Minimum Contribution: 100 BOSE

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram

The BitBose Blockchain will harbor a platform that allows decentralizing functions of key banking operations such as:

• Deposit of Funds
• Issuance of Loans
• BitBose Exchange for trading currencies
• Smart Algorithmic trading

The Blockchain bank will be trading in Cryptocurrencies and Fiat currency. This tact will be aimed at giving investors liquidity over their digital cash and also allowing them to benefit from the interest earnings of crypto coins price appreciation.

To achieve all these aspirations, the platform will be divided into three departments:

• BitBose Bank-For issuing loans and accepting deposits
• BitBose Exchange-For offering trading experience
• BitBose Smart Portfolio — For proffering algorithmic trading solution to clients

The Current Problems

There are a lot of challenges that investors grapple with in fiat money and Cryptocurrency trading. Firstly, the traditional banking system is often unsecured. The banks can also provide fake accounts to the regulatory authorities in a bid to showcase a misleading fact. Additionally, banks process loans slowly, have bureaucratic processes of withdrawing; can collapse due to currency crashes, etc. Secondly, on the Cryptocurrency perspective, there are liquidity challenges due to lack of good exchange platforms.

The Solution

The BitBose ecosystem will solve these issues by offering an ecosystem that merges all the activities of the Cryptocurrencies and traditional money markets.2


The BitBose Platform will disrupt the activities of the conventional Cryptocurrency exchanges and the banking sectors. In so doing, the Blockchain will be at the center of promoting the adoption of Cryptocurrencies and formalizing their use.

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