Blockchain May Be The Solution To Avoiding A Hard Irish Border In Brexit

The Irish border has had pretty many challenges with Brexit talks amongst the United Kingdom and the European Union, where it is believed that technology may be the only solution. United Kingdom’s finance minister, Philip Hammond believes that Blockchain technology may be the best way to ensure a fair trade across the Irish border just after Britain exits the European Union. Hammond stated that he was not a professional in Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin, but he believes the best technology is definitely Blockchain. This, as he believes, would be the best option for the government to ensure a smooth trade from Brexit.

Border Of Northern Ireland

There have been fears that the Northern Ireland border (also part of the UK) and the Ireland Republic, which is a member of the European Union, which would become an external border, hence affecting movement as well as trade on the island. This has been discovered soon after the UK opted to leave the European Union in a referendum, more than 2 years ago. This has hence caused the parties in the negotiations in Brexit to seek for a balance, to avoid a difficult border as they still have to respect the referendum decision.

This, however, would not be the first time that the UK government would embrace Blockchain technology, should they accept the solution proposed by the finance minister to solve the Irish border issue. The Justice Minister had also proposed an experiment involving storage of digital evidence on a Blockchain, as reported by CCN. This was done as part of the reforms by Her Majesty Courts and Tribunal Service (HMCTS), aimed at creating a foolproof audit trail that would track custody which would avoid tampering.

Record-Keeping And Safety Of Food

The official record-keeper of the UK government (National Archives) would be another public body discovered to be experimenting the Blockchain technology. The National Archives came up with plans to use the Blockchain technology when verifying documents that have been archived. This idea came from the challenges of digital archiving where there would be little accuracy from files changing from one nature to another. However, a distributed ledger technology of documents, which is registered on a permissive Blockchain, hence enabling it to be tamper-proof since changes can only be made by those authorized.

Food Safety Watchdog

The food standards technology has also experimented with Blockchain, which is also a watchdog on food safety in the UK government. This technology was basically applied on the inspection of meat, which involved tracking of beef from a slaughterhouse. The food safety organization also revealed plans to extend the technology to other food products in the near future. This would in turn help in ensuring that all food is proven safe before human consumption or packaging for sale. The technology is still in the experimental phrase as it was recently launched and is yet to be fully embraced for use.

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