Bountie eSport Platform Plans to Venture into ICO

Bountie, is an eSport gaming platform in Singapore. The gaming site intends to venture into Initial Coin Offering (ICO) this April. The initial coin offering pre-sale is scheduled to be launched on 29 April, with the aim to incorporate Bountie Coin in sporting events.

The gaming platform plans to connect players in Asian countries. Bountie also intends to end high paying schemes in the gambling industry by countering the financial gap that exists in the industry. The site aims to achieve its objectives by introducing competitive games to players, as well as offering a payment option to its clients.

Bountie’s financial technology has gained a massive breakthrough to many gamers in Asia. Currently, the company has about 50,000 subscribers, and more are willing to join the betting site.

The platform has partnered with other renowned sites like MSI Global, Singapore Cybersports and DXRacer. Bountie is also in partnership with Online Gaming Association. The gaming site is sponsoring teams in Singapore including Girlaxy and Team Impunity. Bountie’s main target audience comes from Asian territories of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam among other Asian nations.

How To Participate In Bountie Platform

Gamers can earn Bountie Tokens by playing tournaments. Ethereum’s ERC20 standard token supports the ICO, and it provides services like transaction verification, smart contracts and elimination of fraud activities. A player can withdraw his/her earnings and store it on an e-wallet payment platform.

Bounty gaming platform also awards gamers with free play features, which allow players to play without paying an initial cost. Gamers can use the free play to earn more Bountie Tokens that they can use for daily expenses.

eSport Platform Potential

The eSport gaming platform has the unwavering potential to grow. Newzoo Market Research Company reports that between 2014 and 2016 the industry had grown tremendously with global revenue earnings increasing from $194 to $463 million. The revenue collection is expected to rise even more by 2020, with an estimation of $1.49 billion.

Lex Na one of the founders and current CEO of Bountie said that the platform forges a concurrent ecosystem involving gamers, gaming partners, and game providers. He further noted that Bountie aims to take advantage of Cryptocurrency to make income from gaming legitimate to everyone including casual gamers.

What Is Bountie eSport Platform?

It’s a platform that offers players the opportunity to earn Bountie Tokens while playing tournaments. The reward earned on the platform can be used to buy gaming resources and can also be withdrawn. Bountie was launched in 2017, and it promises to reduce fraud by venturing into Blockchain technology. It also aims to increase transparency in the industry and provide gamers with a better gaming experience. The platform has top data integrity, as well as accuracy, whereby, ranking, earnings, and stats are easily accessible to the general public.

In conclusion, Bountie offers a better platform for gaming online. Furthermore, ICO introduction provides players with alternative payment option to increase chances of winning in eSports ecosystem. With the rising revenue, the eSport gaming has a high potential to grow and flourish globally.

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