Can The DOGE Pump Continue? Regulators Could Be Watching | Ethereum ETFs Approved | Much More News!

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β–Ί 0:00 – Technical Issues
β–Ί 1:14 – Intro
β–Ί 4:35 – Market Overview
β–Ί 7:30 – A Look At Bitcoin Dominance
β–Ί 8:58 – The Mayer Multiple
β–Ί 12:18 – Leon Fu’s Tweet
β–Ί 14:07 – What Would The First Stimulus Check Be Worth, Invested In BTC, ETH, or DOGE?
β–Ί 15:15 – DOGE Is Risky, Looking At The Issuance Rate & Limitless Supply
β–Ί 16:43 – One Account Holds 28% Of All Issued DOGE Coins
β–Ί 17:48 – Is An Exchange Holding Most Of The DOGE?
β–Ί 18:05 – Elon Musk, Promoter Of DOGE
β–Ί 18:53 – Musk Is Being Reckless
β–Ί20:45 – Charles Hoskinson Shares Why This Doge Pump Is Harmful
β–Ί 24:28 – Binance Burns More Than Half A Billion Dollars Worth Of BNB: It’s 15th Burn
β–Ί 25:40 – Comparing The BNB Burn To The Estimated EIP-1559 ETH Burn Rate
β–Ί 27:45 – HSBC Is Banning COIN (Coinbase) Purchases
β–Ί 28:46 – HSBC’s Corporate Rap Sheet Is TERRIBLE
β–Ί 29:54 – Three North American Ethereum ETFs Have Been Approved
β–Ί 31:09 – Coinbase Launches Waitlist For Ethereum 2.0 Staking
β–Ί 32:39 – Coinbase Is Running A Sweepstakes For New Accounts Only
β–Ί 36:06 – "Uniswap Will Swallow Coinbase Whole In A Few Years"
β–Ί 37:55 – Alaska’s New Blockchain Voting Bill
β–Ί 39:04 – Crypto Discussion Was Allowed On r/WSB… For 1 Whole Day
β–Ί 41:09 – Edward Snowden’s First NFT Closes Bidding At 2,224 ETH ($5.5 Million)
β–Ί 44:22 – Redditor Manages To Buy A House w/ 100% BTC
β–Ί 45:39 – Lan Cafe Owner Recoups Lost Income From Closures, Using Ethereum Mining
β–Ί 46:51 – Paris Hilton Named Her Doge "Ether Reum"
β–Ί 48:02 – Quote of the Day! (Elon Musk)
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