Cinema-On-Demand Is Giving Back To Fans

Demand Film’s Leap

Cinema-On-Demand becomes another new industry to venture into the Cryptocurrency market with Australian company Demand Film taking a big leap forward.

The Southern Hemisphere global distributor is on the verge of implementing a new concept to the market by giving back to its fans for watching and/or sharing the trailers for its movies. The method being used to repay their support is through the new Cryptocurrency “Screencreds”. The vision with the introduction of Cryptocurrency rewards for customers is to hopefully encourage more clients and therefore increase the number of users the company has. Additional services on offer right now enable theatrical screenings to be seen for new films about to be launched as well as documentary viewings. With current clients be paid for promoting the content available, it could be that things go from strength to strength. And it is not as if the clients are doing anything different then what they are already doing, so why not pay them for it. With the new Cryptocurrency system, effectively the more people that see a shared trailer or engage then the more Screencreds a current customer will receive. The user can then use their Screencreds for movie tickets as well as VIP events put on by Demand Film which does include meet and greet opportunities.

Big Plans Ahead

At the moment, Demand Film is enjoying its success with its Cinema-On-Demand solution around the world and plans are even afoot to enter the German market within the next few days. Demand Film currently only operates in English although this is due to change with German now being added onto the list. So it is very clear that the firm is looking to expand. In further advances, it is aimed that Screencreds will also be trading on Australian digital currency exchange NCX in the not too distant future.

Cryptocurrencies And Royalties

In another move, Demand Film is trying out the concept of paying royalties with Screencreds. Testing is taking place at the moment with film producers to see whether this notion will actually work. By using a Cryptocurrency, there are many benefits for both the film producer and Demand Film in receiving their royalties from ticket sales. Currently the payment is quarterly however, with the digital economy this payment can be made instantly and without the need for banking fees or charges. So it really is a win win situation for all concerned. It would also enable smaller media agencies to be more profitable in the industry. There is promise that things really could change for the better with the introduction of Cryptocurrencies and the technology that comes with it for Cinema-On-Demand.

As with most things in the Cryptocurrency industry, only time will tell on whether things will work or take off. There is still a lot of exploring to do and many people still to convince. However with the surge of positive news stories at the moment around the regulation of the industry and the huge steps being taken by countries to safeguard investors, we could be turning a corner.

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