COTRADER – Disrupt The $85 Trillion Global Investment Funds Industry

CoTrade is a project that uses Blockchain to give investors in the global investment funds sector control over their investments and introduce a transparent proof of investment performance.


Token Symbol: COT
Public ICO: End of Q2 2018
Max HC: $10M or 20k ETH
Total supply: 100B tokens
Type: ERC20

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter

How CoTrader Will Work

The popularity of Blockchain technology has been driven by its decentralized nature, and the peer-to-peer and trustless form. It allows users to transfer crypto assets to each other without involving a middleman. It also provides a kind of security to users, as they don’t have to entrust their funds to other people who may even be dishonest.

COTRADER CARTCoTrader Smart Funds also work in a similar way and give the users full control over their assets. Only the users have the ability to withdraw part of their funds at any time. Under this platform, the fund managers are only able to trade on decentralized exchanges having same prices available to everyone. Furthermore, the platform will ensure the managers are unable to trade directly with a given personal address.

CoTrader will introduce a financial incentive to the managers to perform well as their income will be determined by the profits realized on their projects. Importantly, fund managers with positive ROI will attract more investors further enhancing their profits. The platform will give the fund managers a chance to verify their account thereby enhancing their reputation.

Smart Escrow Exchanges

CoTrader smart escrow exchanges will be responsible for liquidity, safety, and transparency. Investors will be depositing their funds into the smart-escrow from where they will be able to trade instantly while on any supported centralized exchange such as Binance. The smart-escrow’s oracle releases the funds to the CoTrader after detecting the sending of the purchase assets to the user.

The Current Global Investment Funds Sector

Numerous platforms provide copy trading and fund management services in a centralized way. Such companies include eToro and Iconomi. However, one of the greatest challenges with these platforms is that the investors do not have direct control over their money. Moreover, charges are high and no proof of performance is provided.

CoTraderOther centralized copy trading platforms such as Covesting require their users to store all their copy trading investments and API keys with them. The users are also supposed to keep all these funds with them forever if they plan to continue doing business with them. However, this is very dangerous as centralized exchanges are not very safe putting the investors’ funds at risk. These platforms also do not provide evidence on the public verifiable Blockchain and don’t share the fund managers’ ROI performance.

Cotrader platform is projected to go live on Mainnet, exactly one month after the ICO. In Q1 2019, the privacy features will be introduced on the system. Its introduction will help in addressing all challenges that the investors experience when dealing with the centralized platforms. Moreover, the traders will now use smart funds to co-trade unlike currently where they just copy trade.

How The Tokens Will Be Used

Development and marketing will take the largest share of the token sales with each receiving 25 percent. Join venture will receive 20 percent while administration, incentive, and legal will get each 10 percent of the total tokens.

Cotrader on Twitter

Cotrader also uses social media to reach more people. The project is present on Twitter where it interacts with prospective investors. Those with questions about the project can engage the company there, as its representatives are always responsive.

Bitcointalk user: MarkSinn

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