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Black Friday Crypto Bible Course 2020/21 for $9.99:

0:00 Intro
1:48 Bitcoin Price analysis
2:56 XRP PUMP & DUMP – What to learn?
5:16 Altcoins round-up
6:19 God Tier Coins Update
7:34 Low Cap DeFi Plays Update
10:24 Bridge Mutual Launch – will I invest?
12:02 UTrust Announcement – use UTK to buy on Amazon, Ebay & Walmart
13:08 Nexo Announcement – Bullish for future
14:03 Visa Announcement – Bullish for UTrust & micropayments
16:58 Elon Musk is now a Bitcoin Supporter?
21:00 Butterfly or Umbrella Crypto (Polkastarter IDO)
23:00 Venus (XVS) thoughts?
25:55 Thoughts on NIX Bridge Protocol (NBT)
32:04 Snowswap thoughts?
39:05 Thoughts on Mirror Protocol
41:50 Price Prediction for POND (Marlin)
44:30 Thoughts on UNCX (Unicrypt)
46:26 Thoughts on Shiba (SHIB)
54:23 Thoughts on World Token
59:17 Price Prediction for Stafi

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