Crypto Exchange Bitfinex Is Down Right Now

International crypto exchange Bitfinex unexpectedly went offline for all users this afternoon, citing a ‘platform performance issue.’

Bitfinex has been offline for at least two hours as of this writing, and the exchange has no confirmed time when it will be up and running again.

According to an Aug. 12 tweet posted by the exchange, Bitfinex officially halted trading as of 20:25 UTC. The status page is still online, and states the exchange is investigating issues with reduced performance on the platform. 

“The cause has been identified and we are working to restore trading activities,� Bitfinex said in an update tweet. “All funds are safe.�

Driving traders to other exchanges

Many of the immediate reactions to the exchange going down included messages to the effect traders were taking their bat and ball and going home (or at least, switching platforms).

“I can’t take this anymore,“ said kerns_boisrond on Twitter. “I’m leaving this exchange for good.â€� 

One of the replies to his tweet by thejukilo indicated that the user was going to head to Binance. However, Binance’s U.S. branch also went down unexpectedly for several hours on Aug. 7.

Bitfinex has had more than a few unscheduled outages (like most exchanges). Cointelegraph reported in Feb. 2019 that the exchange went down for more than two hours at the same time crypto prices were surging.

Though Bitfinex stated that all users’ funds were safe, many said they expect the exchange to compensate them for any potential losses. 

Abdulrazzaq1213 wanted at least 1 Bitcoin (BTC), or $11,541 at the time of publishing.

“You’ve eaten my 12 Ethereum,â€� said qoserister. “Bitfinex is unreliable.â€�

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