Crypto Miners

Crypto mining continues to get more and more competitive especially with the gains that the cryptocurrency space has seen within the last five years. With the increased competition also comes the need for more efficient mining means and tools.

Many mining facilities are using more advanced and sophisticated technology like ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) chips when carrying out crypto mining. Now, although crypto mining was something that anyone could comfortably do at the comfort of his or her homes with the basic GPU, nowadays more mining facilities are embracing more advanced technologies such as the ASIC miner.

ASIC Miner

An ASIC miner is a chip developed for a single purpose. In crypto mining, these chips come inbuilt in motherboards and power supplies specifically designed for crypto mining all in a single unit.

Mining is a process whereby the mining hardware runs through a series of complicated calculations searching for a particular number. With many people looking for the same number, a faster mining hardware such as the ASIC, which works faster than a GPU, ensures that the user finds the number before all others.

Each cryptocurrency depends on a particular algorithm to be mined successfully. ASIC miners are designed to search using the particular algorithm of the cryptocurrency the user is looking to mine.

Difference Between An ASIC Miner And A GPU

An ASIC miner differs from both GPU and CPU because while a GPU and CPU are designed to perform various other functions, an ASIC is designed to perform one specific task. This means that by it focusing on performing a singular task, it performs that task better than a mining hardware that has been designed to perform various other tasks.

When choosing the mining hardware, it is very important that you go with the ones that are more efficient and that is what ASIC miners provide. ASIC miners are powerful with a higher hash rate and are more energy efficient.

Although ASICs tend to be very expensive, these benefits make ASICs better and worth investing in from a long-term view.


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the main component in your PC. This chip carries out all the software functions programmed in your PC. This component essentially communicates with your computer as to what actions it should perform and in what way.

The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) renders graphics i.e. it furnishes the computer screen with images and video enabling the computer to function with graphic-heavy applications.

The CPU controls the functioning of the whole computer while the GPU assist in the functioning of applications that contain a lot of graphics and moving imagery.

A GPU has more Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs), which makes it able to mine cryptocurrencies because these ALUs are the ones that perform the complex mathematical equations required to be solved in mining. A GPU is perfect for mining because it is designed to be repetitive therefore can do the same equation repetitively until the right answer is found. A CPU, on the other hand, is created to be flexible in order to perform the various tasks required for the smooth running of your computer.

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