Crypto Mining: There’s A New Kid In Town

What is HashByte?

Changes are already afoot in the fast-paced Cryptocurrency industry and more specifically crypto mining. There are now movements away from the energy-intensive Bitcoin mining ASIC approach to a more cloud mining concept which is a lot more eco-friendly.

HashByte – the new kid on the block – has been involved with the Cryptocurrency market since the early days back in 2009. Computer and phones can be used with the new online transaction approach – hash power. Not only does the user enjoy a lot cheaper mining opportunities but the customer knows that the mining is a lot better for the environment and will not be using up countless amounts of power from the national grid. This is where the huge benefits of hash power mining come in.

What Does It Offer?

Through other generic cloud mining offerings, customers have the choice to rent their hash power. This is a tough and possibly costly option. The rental means that you are tied in for a whole year. The price will depend very much on how much the customer spends and how profitable the package is. So the user will need the price of bitcoin to increase, power costs to remain low and a whole plethora of other things to be aligned to make this viable and cost-effective. In comparison to this, HashByte has put together something which is providing the cheapest possible contracts for clients to help their customers and assist the environment at the same time. Their approach is certainly winning the crowds over too. HashByte operates facilities throughout Europe which are entirely run on green power. Wind and solar are being used to produce the power so there are no huge repercussions or cost put onto the client.

There has been a complete frenzy of HashByte activity happening over the last few days as people realize the huge amounts of benefits on offer with this new product. The firm is offering great incentives to potential customers offering discounts on first investments, free giveaways, and bonuses. There are also referral commissions available. So for a customer looking at this company, it really is not a hard decision to make as to whether to join this new approach or not. That is without even considering how much more consistent the profitability is with cloud-mining.

In The Future

Hash power is definitely the option that a lot of people are looking for as more and more become concerned with the sheer amount of power consumed during bitcoin ASIC mining. There is a huge pile of pressure on those involved to reduce the amount of power used and look for more greener options. Hash power is one of those options which not only can offer massive returns for the customer but is a lot safer for the environment too.

With solar powered crypto mining farms now being built in the USA and cloud-mining really taking off, Bitcoin ASIC mining will surely start to see its product starting to fall from its pedestal. There are many that would consider this a very positive thing especially those wanting a greener approach to mining. Hopefully, this new generation of mining will go from strength to strength.

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