CryptoBnB ICO Review

The main objective of CryptoBnB is to offer vacation rentals, entirely powered by a Blockchain system known as CryptoDNA, which is a trust-based system.

The Token

Total Tokens – 1 Billion
Hard Cap – $15.2 Million
Token Sale Began On – 15th of January 2018
Token Sale Ends On – 15th of April 2018
Key Token – RC20
Minimum Purchase – 75 Dollars = 0.1 ETH

Defining CryptoBnB

As a vacation rental service provider, CryptoBnB seeks to enhance the experience of the short-term experience. To improve search results, CryptoBnB as a platform works with the Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, as well as huge volumes of data. This, in turn, allows consumers to spend less time and energy when looking for the right vacation rentals for their special needs.

As briefly mentioned earlier, CryptoBnB is fully powered by CryptoDNA. CryptoDNA is a special methodology that allows customized search experiences, property ratings that are not only verified but also trustworthy, as well as no discriminations to the tenants.

While making sure that tenants find the best property that fits their preferences and budget, this technology also improves the property owners’ Return on Investment – ROI.

To make it more understandable, the main plan of CryptoBnB is to improve the current marketplace for the short-term vacation rental properties. This is done in two major means; the first one is to give the property owners an opportunity to accept the virtual currencies for the booking services. The other way is by enabling the guests to get the best vacation rentals entirely based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

More About CryptoBnB ICO

At the moment, there are a total of one billion CryptoBnB tokens {1-bn CBnB tokens}. These tokens have been all set at a rate of one Ethereum equaling 9000 tokens of CryptoBnB. The tokens are ERC20 and are all anchored on the Ethereum Cryptocurrency blockchain.

It is also important to note that 60% of the total supply of 1 billion CryptoBnB tokens would be made available during the Initial Coin Offering. The remaining 40% of the tokens would be shared as follows; the founders will get a total of 15%, while 12.5% will be set aside to the reserve fund. The team would have 5% of the total ICO tokens, while the advisors will get 2.5% of the total 1 billion CBnB tokens. The bounties and bonuses would also each have 2.5% of the total tokens.

The Initial Coin Offering has been since the 15th of January 2018. Consumers can now pay for vacation rentals using the CryptoBnB tokens.

Cryptobnb Travel Market

This Is How CryptoBnB Platform Operate

With expertly designed equipment, CryptoBnB seeks to come up with a smart platform that will assist renters to locate easily and book rental properties with much ease and within the shortest time possible. Its other major objective is to fix the technological gap that is currently witnessed in the world of the vacation rental. It does this while enhancing the user experience and also using other new technologies like the Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies.

Some of the major functions that CryptoBnB brings are listed here below:

• Peer to Peer smart contracts smart access Blockchain that is fully powered by IPFS Intelligent search engines and the CryptoDNA wallet that is powered by the big data and the Artificial Intelligence
• Decentralized Peer to Peer ratings and reviews
• Peer to Peer targeted marketing fully powered by the CryptoDNA

What sets CryptoBnB apart from most travel booking platforms is the intelligent search engine that it works with. It is a major distinction mainly because it is directly linked to the Blockchain technology. To come up with optimum search results, the CryptoBnB intelligent technology depends on large volumes of data and Artificial Intelligence.

Some of the things that are factored in by the search engines are as follows; transaction history, the user preferences, as well as the actions of other commuters. The final results of all these actions are matched perfectly with the rental property that the traveler has chosen.

The CryptoDNA wallet enables the users of the main CryptoBnB platform to get along freely. It through that wallet that such details as the travelers’ preferences, identity, rating, history, as well as token balances are logged in.

Consumers would also be able to interact with the CryptoBnB through a number of web and applications. To carry out transactions on the back-end, this platform will work with Peer-to-Peer smart contracts. The main token of the token is abbreviated as the CnB tokens. These are what would be used in the exchange of services on the main platform.

CryptoBnB ICO Team

Tariq Alwahedi is the founder and the current leader of CryptoBnB. With more than twenty years of vast experience in various nations and industries, Mr. Alwahedi has been described as a business strategist, an international industrialist, and entrepreneur.

The Abu Dhabi-born self-made entrepreneur graduated from the Kellogg School of Management.

Apart from Mr. Tariq Alwahedi, the founder of, Juan Otero is its senior advisor. As a way of getting more profit in this industry, this Dubai-based company plans to charge between 2 to 3% as its service charge. This is much lower than the close to 15% that is usually charged by senior industry competitors.

Final Remarks

CryptoBnB steps in as the first company that has ever integrated the short-term vacation rental services to the world of virtual currencies. There have been a number of companies offering such services in the market, although CryptoBnB brings certain distinctions. One popular one is the AirBnB, which only doesn’t work with the Cryptocurrencies.

In addition to that, CryptoBnB operates with a more integrated search engine, which assists the renters by recommending for them the best properties mainly based on their preferences and needs.

The platform that this ICO is anchored on is also powered by Blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as big data. Just as the ICO is ongoing, the team at CryptoBnB plans to take several measures in ensuring that more consumers start using their services.

The first step is to get in touch with a number of AirBnB owners and convince them to adopt the services of this new services provider in the market.

To learn more about the ongoing CryptoBnB ICO, be sure to check here…

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