Cryptocurrencies: To Change Bitcoin Payment Processors

The Background was the first in the travel industry to make the move to taking Bitcoin payments in 2013. Both flight and hotel bookings have been able to be made with the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. However, the online travel agency has recently announced to its customers – on the 20th April 2018 – through the company blog that it will be changing the backend of its payment processing. Jeff Klee, CEO, told customers that their current provider – Coinbase – will stop supporting the way that processes it’s payments. The worrying fact is that this is happening in a matter of weeks rather than months! Jeff Klee is currently looking for a solution and a new supplier.

The Possible Solution

One of the main concerns that has with merging with the Bitpay technology is the simple fact that Bitpay does not support wallets that are not compliant with BIP-70. Customers who currently have a non-compliant wallet will, therefore, have to move swiftly now and secure another wallet to ensure a smooth transition.

However, the above is not all bad news as is now using this as an excuse to upgrade so that the agency can now accept payments from Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin. This is already in the testing stage.

The CEO is also looking at setting up a more dedicated and specialized Cryptocurrency customer service team. Customers can call or email the team to request support from advisors that are trained and experienced with Cryptocurrencies. The CEO has admitted that there have been frustrations in the past with the lack of technical knowledge in his customer service team and has taken full responsibility for this promising to rectify the issue now.

Furthermore, there will be upgrades to the online travel agency’s financial procedures. At the moment, some of the processes are not as streamlined as they could be. The aim is to automate refunds as a starting point.

Jeff Klee has been extremely candid with the details provided and has admitted that their current supplier Coinbase is no longer providing the service that they need and has left them with no alternative but to find someone else to process their payments at the last minute. He has also been very honest to state that their plan is to integrate with Bitpay. However, this move will mean that it may be disappointing for some customers who will need to secure another compatible wallet for Bitpay as an intermediary stage.

The company is putting a positive spin on the whole episode which is the only way to move forward and it is refreshing to see a company make the most of a situation that they have been forced into. The CEO has really driven the company to look at ways to improve their service for their customers. He has – probably more importantly – reached out to customers to ask their opinion on whether they would feel comfortable to purchase another wallet that is compatible with Bitpay. He has actually provided his own business email address so that customers can contact him directly. A bold move and one that will be interesting to follow.

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