Cryptocurrencies: Ronaldinho Is The Latest To Join The Queue

Another Superstar Cryptocurrency

Another famous celebrity is joining in with launching a Cryptocurrency project. This time it is not someone in the music industry but world renowned and very talented Ronaldinho. The amazing Brazilian football star has released news that he indeed will be jumping on the Cryptocurrency bandwagon and will launching the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC). The launch of this coin is part of a huge football based project not surprisingly. The RSC will be designed on the NEO Blockchain solution.

What’s The Project?

Ronaldinho is very keen to give something back to the football industry after his established and very famous career with clubs all over the world. And out of the 350 million RSCs that will be available on the market, there will be 150 million put aside for a private sale. This sale is about to take place within the next week or so. At the moment, there is no sign of a White Paper to highlight details of the sale and in fact further in depth information about the project as a whole. This document is certainly well anticipated with many eager to get their hands on the White Paper.

In partnership with Malta based World Soccer Coin (WSC), the whole project will see a football academy established which can hold a variety of matches including local and international games. Talented youngsters will receive the very best in training here and will no doubt see their skills improve dramatically. There will also be a betting platform. The digital stadiums will be a massive boost to the football industry offering Super League and e-Sports. There will be 300 of these digital stadiums located globally in spots such as Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia. These will all be completed by 2021. The stadiums will be able to analyse players through virtual reality and augmented reality.

This is a wonderful project that will really make a difference to thousands around the world and with the Ronaldinho name behind it, there is certainly no question as to whether the project will be a success or not.

Giving It Back

The fact that celebrities are giving back to the world is a wonderful testament to those getting involved. These programs can only have positive effects globally. We have seen Paris Hilton get behind and participate in an ICO for Lydian, which was released by Gravity4. Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather has also been involved in an ICO for a Blockchain prediction firm. This project is due to start in a couple of weeks and the expectations are high. Pop star and music producer Akon is also in the midst of a massive project launching his own Akoin and ecosystem. His massive offering is giving back to his home country of Senegal where there are plans for “Akon Crypto City”. The superstar was given a large plot of land by the Senegalese President and there are great plans afoot for it. Furthermore, the Akon Ecosystem will run thoroughout Africa and will assist thousands of youngsters make their way in the world. The bets are now down on who will be the next to jump on the Cryptocurrency train.

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