Cryptocurrencies: Tighter Regulations In Europe

The Background

As changes and upgrades in Cryptocurrencies continue to occur and the industry develops, so do the regulations surrounding this new concept.

The European Parliament unanimously this week voted – by a large majority – to support a December 2017 agreement around the use of Cryptocurrencies. The total regulation of Cryptocurrencies is moving closer and closer. This will be great for all concerned and sets a firm precedent in how things are moving forward in this industry.

The European Parliament members voted to agree with the European Council regulations on vital issues such as the prevention of the rise of Cryptocurrencies in money laundering as well as terrorism. The vote was a very clean and redefining moment with 574 for yes and only 13 for no, with 60 absentees.

This is a very strong message for the European community not only addressing anonymity of financial services but also implementing rules on exchanges and platform providers. Now it means that everyone has to be registered with the authorities and will have to apply for due diligence procedures – including customer verification – before receiving the OK from the government. Quite a big moment for the European community.

Moving Forward

The new regulations will not take long to put into force… in fact, they will be running in three days as stated in the Official Journal of the European Union. Once this is in place, the member states will have 18 months to bring all of these new country laws into their constitutions. However, it is not expected that it will take this long to implement these new laws, as countries are very keen to protect themselves against the evils of Cryptocurrency as soon as possible. There are many robberies, kidnapping, and the likes already being reported and industry is eager to protect itself as soon as possible to alleviate a huge crime wave before it actually hits. Changes are absolutely vital in the prevention of money laundering, tax evasion, and criminal activity. As experts highlight, criminals have not stopped, and there is still a lot of bad behavior going on, whether it is laundering or finance terrorism, it is still happening all the while there is money to be gained. This new legislation just solidifies things, helps to support those living in the country and makes them feel safer.

Governments are completely exposed at the moment with Cryptocurrency because it is such a new industry and so completely unknown. There are also so many ways to exploit the system. Until the industry settles down and becomes more stable, with government officials realizing where the loopholes are, this is going to be a tricky road ahead. These tougher measures will hopefully break open the duty of financial companies and help them to undertake due care and diligence. However, this is absolutely not a given. Money laundering and tax evasion is rife no matter where you are in the world and especially so in a new and developing industry.

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