CryptoSolarTech ICO – Blockchain With Solar Energy

CryptoSolarTech is a Spanish Blockchain project seeking to revolutionize the crypto mining industry by introducing the use of renewable energy in the sector. The project will use photovoltaic solar panels to generate enough electricity to fuel the mining activity.


Symbol: CST
Type of token: Utility
Total token available: 1,260,000,000
Price per token: 1CST = 0.07 €
Soft Cap: 19,647,667 CST
Hard Cap: 1,260,000,000

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About Crypto Mining

CryptoSolarTech ICOSome time back, Cryptocurrency mining business was a lucrative venture. Only a few people engaged in this business and their activity had little impact on the environment. However, with the increase in the use of Cryptocurrencies today, many people have ventured in the industry thereby reducing the profitability. Cryptomining has now become expensive in terms of initial investment and maintenance. Small mining businesses cannot pay the huge maintenance costs such as electricity and fixing servers and make enough profits. The project will ensure that crypto mining is always beneficial to the user.

CryptoSolarTech has emerged with a promise of providing solutions to the challenges prevalent in the crypto mining industry today. CryptoSolarTech is supported by various prominent Cryptocurrency mining figures such as CoinFabrik and PuzzleGold. Other backers include Respira Energia (renewables) and IG (business development).

The incorporation of solar power in crypto mining will help in addressing current challenges such as the high electricity cost, monopolization of the mining power in the hands of a few large miners, and the use non-renewable energy in crypto mining. The project will also address the marginalization that customers and investors with little knowledge about crypto mining face when they want to join the industry.

Why Investing In The Project Is A Wise Decision

CryptoSolarTech Solar PoweredCryptoSolarTech will use renewable energy in crypto mining. This will significantly reduce environmental degradation and ensure that energy is used at a user level. The project will help in reducing electricity bills and make the sector more profitable. Customers will be rewarded through tokens.

CryptoSolarTech will also enable investors to take part in high-risk businesses like the Cryptocurrency market. They will obtain high returns for their investments. The project will also enable the investors to enter into a low-risk solar energy market and enjoy higher profits.

Those investors that will take part in this project will make their rented ASIC-mining server operative. Given that CST tokens are non-expirable provided you hold them, this will be a long-term contract. This means, irrespective of electricity costs, your ASIC will always be working, as Respira Energy will provide a 15-year extendable supply contract.

Spain Has The Right Conditions For The Project

sun conditions in Spain are such that a project like CryptoSolarTech can operate efficiently. The sun in the country can generate 2,500 kW per hour/m2. This means any crypto mining investor can invest in this project with the full knowledge that the country has the right conditions. The country was the first one to develop and implement the current model of renewable solar energy.

CryptoSolarTech On Social Media

CryptoSolarTech is also present on Twitter where it interacts with the public. The company uses this platform to communicate important details about the project. It also responds to any question that may be asked by the potential investors.



Given that electricity is the largest expenditure in the crypto mining sector, CryptoSolarTech is, therefore, one of the best projects to invest in. Many crypto miners have been moving to regions with low power costs such as Iceland and China in an attempt to boost their profits. This project will eliminate the need to relocate and provide a source of income for investors.

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