Despite Rumors, Piers Morgan’s ‘Announcement’ Isn’t Bitcoin-Related

The well-known British journalist clarified in a tweet prior to the announcement of his new book that the announcement was not related to Bitcoin.

British journalist and TV personality, Piers Morgan, made his “big announcement� on Twitter on July 16 —  but despite social media rumors about a potential Bitcoin endorsement it wasn’t crypto-related 

Instead Morgan said he’ll be launching a book related to a “liberal war� and COVID-19 called Wake Up. He’d earlier addressed the rumours he’d start providing Bitcoin advice (BTC) in the following tweet:

The Bitcoin joke refers to rumors that began in a thread about Morgan’s tweet stating that he will make a “big announcement.�

Joking about Twitter’s hack attack

Most of the replies joked about a “Bitcoin giveaway� by Morgan after the massive hack of Twitter launched on July 15 that saw some of the most high profile accounts in the world post about a BTC scam.

This isn’t the first time Morgan has been tied to a crypto-related story. Since 2017, scammers have been impersonating Morgan in an advertising campaign featuring fake statements about his “latest money making method.�

On June 16, the United Kingdom Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) launched a new system to detect and remove online fraud ads amid the rise of crypto scam ads.

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