Dogecoin Creator Helps Tesla Head Get Rid Of Ethereum Scam On Twitter Feed

The renowned founder of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk has recently requested Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin and lead of Adobe product, to help him remove Ethereum scams claiming free giveaway of the digital coin on his Twitter feed.

Musk Asks Palmer For Assistance

In the last few months, there has been an epidemic of giveaway scams plaguing Twitter. These scams create spam messages on the feeds of celebrities and well-known figures within and without the Crypto sphere in a bid to baiting new Crypto users to phishing scams which claim to double the Crypto tokens sent to them.

Just over three months ago, Palmer unveiled a script which made it possible for ETH giveaway scammers to be blocked automatically when they use the images of well-known individuals. The script was able to do this by isolating accounts which have similar profile pictures as those of prominent figures and blocking them thereby ensuring that the scam accounts could not make comments on public figure’s posts.

The script created by Palmer was proven to be effective as it was able to prevent the spamming of prominent individuals Twitter feeds through new scam accounts and spambots. Due to the success of the script, Palmer was contacted by Musk to assist with getting rid of the Ethereum giveaway spam messages on his Twitter feed.

Twitter Blamed For Inability To Solve Issue

In response to the request, Palmer forwarded the script to Musk through a direct message and walked the Tesla founder through the implementation of the script which was successful. He, Palmer replied by requesting the Tesla head to DM (direct message) him so that he could send the script which would then be able to run using cron.

A few moments after, Palmer posted that he had already sent the script to Musk and that the two had a discussion mainly about the inability of Twitter’s development team to automatically fix the issue of Ethereum giveaway spams. His post read that the two agreed that Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and the development team should work towards fixing the problem from their end.

The Simple Solution

Many within the Crypto community have been dumbfounded by Twitter’s, and its development team, inability at coming up with a solution for the Ethereum giveaway scam issue that is plaguing it. As Palmer noted the solution to the problem being the detection and banning of newly created Twitter accounts featuring identical profile pictures, was quite easy.

Even though Twitter’s CEO Dorsey has come out on several occasions to say that the development team was working towards a solution, the problem has continued to persist on the platform.

Stating that Twitter was not even close to solving the problem, Bleeping Computer released a report which said that so far $4.3 million has been lost to Ethereum giveaway scams. However, John Backus, who is the co-founder of Bloom, noted that this problem was much harder to solve especially when it is caused by the verified accounts which have been hacked. He added that when such scams are initiated by accounts which feature the blue tick, it makes it more believable to the masses.

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