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β–Ί 0:00 – Intro
β–Ί 1:43 – Market Overview (Happy Doge Day)
β–Ί 6:45 – Meme of the Day!
β–Ί 8:11 – After a Bitcoin Crackdown, China Now Calls It An β€˜Investment Alternative’ In A Significant Shift In Tone
β–Ί 10:01 – Venmo Launches Cryptocurrency Trading
β–Ί 12:49 – JPMorgan Is Hiring Developers Skilled In Ethereum
β–Ί 15:01 – WeWork Is Now Working With Coinbase & BitPay To Accept Cryptocurrencies For Membership Payments
β–Ί 18:10 – FXHedge Twitter Account Creates Weekend FUD
β–Ί 20:32 – Fox Business Reports That The Treasury Is Considering The Path Forward For Crypto Regulations, Still
β–Ί 24:24 – Former CFTC chair Giancarlo Joins BlockFi’s Board
β–Ί 25:20 – Cryptocurrency Giant Binance.US Hires Former Top Bank Regulator Brian Brooks
β–Ί 27:30 – Communist Party of Cuba’s 8th Congress Is Considering Cryptocurrencies As An Alternative Economic Plan, Going Forward
β–Ί 29:58 – RUMOR: Mike Novogratz’s Fund ‘Galaxy Digital’ Said To Be In Talks To Buy Crypto Custodian ‘BitGo’
β–Ί 31:54 – Elon Musk Acknowledges Bitcoin’s Shortcomings, Outlined In KimDotCom’s Tweet
β–Ί 32:54 – Are Ethereum Users Expected To Put Up With Failed $100.00+ Transactions?
β–Ί 36:46 – "Your coin isn’t pumping because it’s a great project. It’s pumping because we’re in a bull market and everything is pumping."
β–Ί 37:54 – "Safemoon Is The Opposite Of Safe… Please Don’t Lose All Your Money"
β–Ί 46:59 – "I told my friend to buy BTC last week. He stopped taking to me after the dump."
β–Ί49:20 – Derek Chauvin Will Spend Less Time In Prison Than Ross Ulbricht
β–Ί 51:01 – Quote of the Day! / Closing Thoughts,small,wall_texture,product,750×1000.jpg_ _ _ _ _ _ _
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