DRASTIC!!! 🚨 Has BITCOIN Surge REKT Altcoin Season??

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0:00 Intro
1:00 URGENT Tesla/Bitcoin News
3:46 Effect on Altcoin Season
10:25 Money flow in Cryptocurrency
15:39 Thoughts on Indexed finance
16:19 Thoughts on OptionRoom
17:33 Thoughts on Tosdis
20:32 Is Bitcoin in Euphoria stage
25:46 What is protecting Alt prices right now
33:30 Thoughts on BSCEX?
37:50 Thoughts on ICON (ICX) and Defi products
40:13 Opinion on Near Protocol
52:53 Will ADA go back under 60c?
55:56 Thoughts on The Graph (GRT)
57:49 Thoughts on Celer Network
59:44 Thoughts on Zeroswap (ZEE)
1:03:50 Is Ankr a gem?
1:04:35 Thoughts on Atari token?

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