About Equitybase

Equitybase started operations as a Real Estate firm. The firm has the experience that gives them competencies and skills to design concepts where blockchains secured by real estate assets will be a tool of prosperity and economic growth. Additionally, Equity base aims to strengthen compliance of Blockchains on legal matters to inform policymakers on the set of approaches to adapt in regulating blockchains.

Overview of the Problem and Solution

The Equity base concept is designed to enable ICO issuers and individuals to participate in Real estate investments. This sector has mainly been illiquid and marred by lack of transparency that has often lead to fraud and low returns for investors. Equitybase will bridge the gap between Blockchain based real estate ownership and traditional markets. In doing so, the investments will be hedged against the real estate and investors can be able to connect on a peer-to-peer platform to whomever it is that they want to sell or purchase equities. Anchored on the smart contract Ethereum feature, this venture will be secured, transparent and rewarding due to the elimination of third parties in real estate transactions.

A Blockchain secured against a transparent and efficient Real estate investments.

Additionally, the government can be able to monitor the transactions on sharable terms to enable tax evaluation and collection. Such a feature will inform policymakers on the set of laws to formalize to support the Blockchains and not to inhibit their operations.

The Token

Token: BASE
Price of token: 1 ETH=3000 BASE
Total Tokens: 360,000,000
Total Tokens available for sale: 180,000,000 the remaining to be held then released to the market on a need basis.
Platform: Ethereum
Type of Token: ERC20 ICO
Accepting: ETH/USD
Token Sale Starts/Ends on Feb 28th, 2018 to April 30th, 2018
Soft cap: TBA
Hard cap: $50.4 million
Minimum Sale: 0.01 ETH
Tokens available: TBA
Maximum Bonus: 40%
Token Sale Starts/Ends on Feb 28th, 2018 to Dec 3rd, 2018

Website | Whitepaperequitybase token distribution

 Features of Equitybase

• Security tokens are asset-based.
• Mobile phone enabled website and IOS, and Android supported Equitybase App.
• Decentralizing real estate transactions.
• Cold storage wallet for tokens to enhance the liquidity of real estates and tokens.

Participation in Equitybase ventures

For Real estate owners, they can list their properties on the Equitybase site. Due diligence will follow and, the investor will be assigned tokens based on the market price of the property. The investor can then trade the tokens for fiat money or other Cryptocurrencies once the ICO is complete. On the other hand, investors can acquire tokens through the ICO, open market trade or direct Cryptocurrency trades in the public exchange.

Token acquisition

Summarily, BASE is acquired through the ICO, Sweepstake wins, Real Estate offers, and Private Equity investments

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