Ethereal Summit NYC 2018 (Day 2)

► SHEILA WARREN (head of blockchain, wef) “Who’s Being Left Behind?”
► SAM CASSATT (chief strategy officer, consensys) “Monetary Consciousness”
► YORKE RHODES (co-founder, blockchain @microsoft) “Our Tokenized Future”
► KAVITA GUPTA (founding managing partner, consensys ventures) RONNY CHIENG (tech reporter, the daily show) JOSEPH LUBIN (co-founder, ethereum; founder, consensys) “Daily Show Reboot: Is Blockchain A Hoax Or Game Changer?”
► SID COELHO-PRABHU (toshi product lead, coinbase) “Where The Web 3 Stands Today”
► SIMON DE LA ROUVIERE (blockchain lead, ujo music) “Lessons From The Formation Of A Decentralized Band”
► BRIAN FORDE (candidate, u.s. congress) “Who’s Minding The House?”
► RYAN SELKIS (founder & ceo, messari) “The Economic Case For Cryptoasset Transparency”
► LEONARDO GAMMAR (ceo, agora) “How To Bring Digital Voting Solutions To Developing Countries”
► VANESSA GRELLET (executive director, social impact, consensys) “The Meaning Of Giving In A Crypto World”
► LAURA SHIN (host of crypto podcasts) VLAD ZAMFIR (researcher) NICK DODSON (founder, governx; senior engineer, consensys) “Eep! How Should Ethereum Be Governed?”
► JOSEPH LUBIN (co-founder, ethereum; founder, consensys) “Yes It Is Happening: Waystations On The Path To The Decentralized Future”

Agenda Of Speakers:

Ethereal Summit NY

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