Ethereal Summit NYC 2018 – Live! (Day One)

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– Aya Miyaguchi (Ethereum Foundation Executive Director): “Why I Care About Ethereum And Why You Should Too”
– Beatriz Ramos (Founder of DADA.NYC): “The End Of The Starving Artist”
– Eva Kaili (E.U. Parliament Member): “Challenges In Building Trust With Blockchain”
– Rahilla Zafar, Yasmin Altwaijri, Saud Alsheraihi, Mohammad Shakhi (Panel): “From Oil Cranes To Blockchains: Saudi Arabia’s Roadmap To The Future”
– Paul Vigna (Reporter, The Wall Street Journal): “The Truth Machine: A Revolution In Record-Keeping To The Lower Cost Of Trust”
– Marjorie Hernandez & Fabian Vogelsteller “Industry Blockchains And The Creative Industries”
– Sandra Ro (CEO of Global Blockchain Business Council) “Small Doesn’t Mean Powerless: Blockchain & A Potential New World Paradigm”
– Tricia Martinez (Founder & Ceo, Wala; Director, Dala Foundation): “Starting A Financial Revolution In Africa”
– E. David Burt (The Hon, Bermuda Premier): “Fireside Chat”
– Vansa Chatikavanij (Managing Director, OmiseGo): “Dear Bank, Where Did My 100 Bucks Go?”
– Amber Baldet (Blockchain Program Lead, JP Morgan (Former): “Beyond Maximalism: Toward Hybrid, Privacy Preserving Decentralized Networks”

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